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We Had a Picnic on the Edge of the Grand Canyon
Heather Ash
byHeather Ash


In case you missed it, The Venue Report team recently went to the Grand Canyon to check out the new Under Canvas glampsite, throw a dinner party and got there in style thanks to the Minnie Winnie. It was a trip - literally and figuratively. For many of us, it was our first time in the Grand Canyon and let us tell you, it is a humbling experience. The canyon goes in every direction with no end in sight. Oh and fun fact: category nine rapids (the normal scale goes to five) where the river was 1,000 feet wide, looked like a gentle, trickling stream no wider than maybe a dozen feet from the top of the rim. Mind. Blown.

Anyways, before we made the trek to the canyon, we linked up with our good friends at JuneShine, the world’s first hard kombucha bar. They make organic, high alcohol kombucha in amazing flavors like blood orange mint and mango habanero. They wanted us to try out and debut their newest flavor, “Midnight Painkiller” with charcoal, pineapple, coconut, orange, and nutmeg – the activated charcoal makes is black and taste healthier, honestly. The flavor was of course beyond good and fresh AF.

We packed up a cooler filled with our JuneShine loot and decided the perfect moment to try the new flavor and toast to our team was at sunset while overlooking the canyon for another installment of The Picnic Project. All aboard the Minnie Winnie, we drove around the rim after an already adventure packed day in search of the perfect lookout to set up a small picnic and watch the majesty of the sun going down behind the canyon.

We found the perfect ledge to set up our blankets and watch the spectacle ahead of us (and maybe give the bosses a scare over our proximity to the edge). As the sun went down, no two minutes were the same in the canyon. With every new angle of light and shadows, a new scene was revealed: purples, oranges, tans and reds in every tone continually shifted and dazzled. Stunned speechless, we sipped our JuneShine, cheers and soaked up every second of this once-in-a-lifetime experience with our TVR family around us.

Read more about JuneShine →

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