This Saltwater Pool in The Mojave Desert Is Not a Mirage
From our history of documenting labors of love, we’ve come to find they usually have a few things in common. There’s typically a collaborative crew, because no one wants to dive into something epic without big-time support....
by Alyssa Brown

From our history of documenting labors of love, we’ve come to find they usually have a few things in common. There’s typically a collaborative crew, because no one wants to dive into something epic without big-time support. There’s usually a big-picture dream that feels almost impossible to reach until it’s actualized. And the absolute commonality is a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and hard work that result in something that feels like pure magic. In the case of Joshua Tree Acres, we can easily say that formula was at play in the creation of this peaceful desert oasis of Airstreams and soaking tubs.

Stumbling upon Joshua Tree Acres, it would be easy to think that you’ve spotted a mirage in these parts. Four modernized Airstreams sit on wooden decks with hammocks, seating and shade. A cabin is placed in the mix, giving guests access to a living space, kitchen and restroom. There’s a saltwater pool that practically blends into the desert landscape, and there’s a newly added creosote tub too. It’s no mirage, but it’s certainly an epic bucket list worthy getaway that feels unexpected in the vast Mojave Desert expanse.

Here to fill us in on all the details behind this group of friends’ newest labor of love, the saltwater pool, we’ll let the team behind Joshua Tree Acres answer all your questions.

Photography by Chris Poplawski

Why did you decide to build a solar salt water pool? Where did the inspiration come from?

The inspiration for the saltwater pool came from understanding the need to rest and unplug from modern life. We wanted to create a "cooling off" space on the property that felt like you accidentally stumbled upon an oasis in the middle of the desert. The oversized wooden deck was designed intentionally for multiple guests to sunbathe. We're inspired by Japanese Minimalism and wanted the low rise deck to feel seamless with the desert floor. We also anchored the pool between two Joshua Trees so that it would give some perspective when you are inside the pool. We're constantly inspired by organic architects like Paolo Soleri and artists that explore the intersection between preserving nature and design.

Tell us about the new creosote tub on the property!

We've always admired the Creosote bush for its medicinal and healing properties. It was used by Native Americans for arthritis, cancer treatments, nausea and other bodily ailments. We also noticed that some groups of Creosotes grow in rings and found out that each ring was related to one family. Inside the Creosote ring there is a feeling of protection & privacy as light beams through the leaves. It's a peaceful, serene experience that is one of a kind. As the tub fills with water, you can pinch a small amount off the bush and enjoy your own creosote tub. As you soak you can smell the scent of the desert while staring at the stark mojave landscape. The tub is purposely directed to view the nearby Barlett mountains. The draining water from the tub directly feeds into the ground, feeding the creosote ring that surrounds the tub and connecting the circle of desert life. 

How has it impacted your guests stay? And if so, what has been their feedback?

We've had incredible guest feedback and great coverage from media outlets. Every guest loves the airstream experience of being out in the middle of the desert where they can connect with other like minded travelers. 

Were there any obstacles while working on this project?

Hahahah. We don't know where to begin! LOL. Just about everything from the beginning of the sketches to the cover of the pool. We run into so many obstacles as we create things but we never let them stand in our way. We like to flip obstacles on their head and look at them as opportunities or puzzles to solve. 

Read more about the Joshua Tree Acres experience →

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