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Dine Under the Sea in Norway’s First Underwater Restaurant
Nicole Bradley
byNicole Bradley

Dining experiences get increasingly extravagant year over year and thanks to Under, 2019 is set to start off swimmingly. Norway’s newest underwater dining experience, set to open in early 2019 is on the southern tip of Norway. Under will give diners panoramic views of underwater wildlife, along with helping the ecosystem in the process. Let’s dive in!

Dinner With a View

Thanks to the 35' wide by 13' tall glass wall, this amped-up aquarium allows diners to see coastal Norwegian marine life they might not otherwise get to see anywhere else. For this reason, Under has been dubbed as an “eye into the unknown.” Guests will also experience how different weather conditions affect the environment beneath the water’s surface.


Structural Details

Created by the same architectural firm that designed the National September 11 Museum and the Oslo Opera House, the framework of this underwater retreat is as practical as it is eye-catching. From the shore, Under resembles a periscope and a sunken ship hybrid. As visitors enter the building at the shore, they gradually make their way 3 levels under the ocean’s surface - and that’s not without a pitstop at the ocean-themed champagne bar on level 2. The dining room itself cozily houses 100 people, all with magnificent views of the ecosystem beyond the glass wall.

The Bites

Because of the restaurant’s proximity to the water (it can’t really get any closer), it’s safe to say that seafood is their culinary specialty. Speculated highlights include lobster, kelp, cod, and mussels, along with turf options like sheep and steak. Head chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard is renowned for his desire to cook with pure, whole ingredients, and his culinary practices at Under won’t sway from this habit.

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An Ecological Purpose

Under will surely entertain diners, but the restaurant also serves as a learning experience for aquatic researchers, who are practicing safe fish-training techniques, which span from sound signals to baits to seasonal patterns. The exterior of the restaurant also has a rough surface, making it ideal for mollusks to latch onto. As the mollusk population around the site increases, so will that of other marine life, bringing even more aquatic creatures to diners’ view.

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Photography: Snøhetta

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