Bachelorette Bucket List Of The Week: Sip & Skate at the "Coolest" Club in NYC - The Standard High Line
Gathering your girls in any season is as good and gorgeous a reason as any to celebrate – but finding time to fete during the high-stress holidays is a Christmas miracle in and of itself. But winter weddings are on the rise darlings...
by Katie David Bush

Gathering your girls in any season is as good and gorgeous a reason as any to celebrate – but finding time to fete during the high-stress holidays is a Christmas miracle in and of itself. But winter weddings are on the rise darlings and if one of your bests has opted for a sweet & snowy “I-do” – her bachelorette party should be just as cool. Oh my, my oh hell yes, honey put on that party dress – we’ve got a sweet and seasonal #BacheloretteBucketList of the Week that should warm you right up in this cool, cool season.



It’s a common misconception that Vegas or a beach retreat, while utterly lovely, are the only ways to get-down with your get-downs. Oscar Wilde said “Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.” For your extraordinary friends and unusual moments that are cause for such sweet celebration, only the most spectacular gathering spots and experiences will do. This one should do just dandy.



You and your friends will find yourselves in the city that never sleeps. A city that teems with life, treasures, back alleys, adventure and it's a rarity to see, find or eat the same thing twice. It’s a city to get lost… and found in. So strap on your skates, pop on that party dress and head up to the Standard High Line in NYC for a winter weekend of cool and curated experiences sure to make that extraordinary friend of yours feel that the last thing she is… is ordinary.




Get ready to re-live your favorite 80’s skating movie with your bests as you take to The Standard High Line’s recently refurbished, re-calibrated and re-imagined ice skating rink – also known as one of the "coolest" clubs in NYC.  What makes this spot so very Insta swoon-worthy? 




First of all, eveyrone knows before you hit the ice, half the fun is looking the part. Grab your bests and head to The Standard Shop and buy seasonal accessories you actually want to own, like ceramic mugs, scarves and beanies. Get silly and twinsie town with your BFF's. Matching scarves and 'skate patrol' patches are a must wear. 




All of us ladies L-O-V-E our sweets. 

Expect to nosh on seasonal niceties like ginger bread men, both in traditional cookie form and a new savory grilled cheese sandwich. Indulge in Swedish meatballs, a roasted acorn squash, an orecchiette with smoked pecorino, strudel, steak frites, the Standard Burger, and something called a bread volcano which is a loaf of bread filled with cheese. Whatever that is, we want two.

Toast your besties with a shot of rum in world-famous hot chocolate, hot toddy, mulled wine, or just go straight traditional and pop those bottles of champagne. Now that’s called “making spirits bright.”  If you're still hungry after this hearty fare or need a change of pace - head to the Standard Biergarten. 


Tucked under the trestles of the High Line, The Standard Biergarten is The Standard, High Line's bustling, street-level beer garden serving traditional German fare from Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner. Glass-enclosed in the winter, enjoy sausages, pretzels, beer, and Ping-Pong. Prost! 




The Standard High Line Skating Rink is like a luxurious living room on ice come to life. Take a twirl or a triple axel across the rink, then settle in sweetly to après-skate sweets as you lounge in modern red rockers adorned with faux fur. It’s open late, so imagine a Saturday or night spent sipping hot toddys in something sparkly as you and your bests ice dance under the lights of the most famous city in the world. 


Photo by Neil Aline


If the skyline beckons, head towards the light. Or rather, the rooftop - post-rink. Le Bain is the penthouse discothèque and rooftop bar featuring world-famous DJs, and divine views. After a day (or night) of skating, clinking glasses and indulging in seasonal sweets - take your ride-or-dies to the roof and dance the night away under a disco ball in the city that never sleeps... and neither will you. 


Understated yet super apparent luxury abounds when you and your ladies check into the Liberty Suite – also known as “a wood-paneled adult playroom” with floor-to-ceiling views of the Hudson river and downtown. Did we mention it’s also decked out with carpeted platform lounging areas, a dining area for six, fully-stocked wet bar, an adjoining separate bedroom, and a large walk-in rain shower? Hello. 

After a massive amount of giggling at the seven-foot platform bed – (you know you’ll all be in it at some point lounging about in your robes) your weary feet in this sweet soaking tub with a view. 




After your raucous and racy night at the rink with your fellow fair maidens full of gingerbread eating, spiked cider drinking, disco dancing and of course your late night slumber party chats... You will most likely need to sleepily stumble into The Standard Grill for a breakfast cure-all. We all know that greasy potatoes are the only tried and true elixir for that hangover headache in the morning. We will order a plate of the 'Crispy Potatoes, Herb Garlic Butter;' please. We will also pair it with the 'Mimosa Champagne' filled with orange liqueur, orange juice and a dash of blood orange. That good old hair of the dog works every time. 

Winter weddings are on the rise and subsequently, seasonal bachelorette parties should be too. Can you imagine how much fun you'll have twirling around the sweetest skating rink in the world, set amid a luxurious living room on ice and attached to one of the coolest hotels ever designed? Dance into the wee hours of the night both on the ice and the roof, lit by the heartbeat of the city and the glint of a disco ball. Indugle your inner child in a gingerbread man or two but spike your cider and prost your way through a few rounds of ping pong as you and your baes bring down the house during the holiday season. Tis the season for giving and girls getaways, we say!


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