Better Together: Two Girl Bosses, Rachel + Nata Share All About Their Working & Personal Relationship
Here at The Venue Report, the office culture tends to be different then most corporate enviroments. We have pink doors, disco balls in every corner, plants everywhere and leading the charge are founders, Cortnie and Donny Fausner....
by The Venue Report

Here at The Venue Report, the office culture tends to be different then most corporate enviroments. We have pink doors, disco balls in every corner, plants everywhere and leading the charge are founders, Cortnie and Donny Fausner. A married couple that started The Venue Report in their home. Throughout their journey of building this company from the ground up, the question, "How does your working relationship effect your personal relationship?", always seemed to get asked. Their response? "It doesn't. Plain and simple. We stay in our lanes and if we by any chance want to cross over we put our blinkers on. We love what we do and talk about work all the time. It's our other baby (Lola is what we like to call her offline) and doing what you love with the person you love is one of the greatest gifts." 

That response inspired our February series, Better Together. There are so many rad working relationships out there and we are so excited to share a few with you! This week's Better Together feature commences with long distance besties and Girl Bosses, Renata Stone (also goes by Nata) of Big Bear Photo Co. + Knottery and Rachel Lunghi of Siren Floral Co. + The Romantik Studio. Together they are the ultimate dynamic duo after hours and during. Having colaborated on multiple weddings, photo shoots and even vacation iteniarys, these two share how they better together. 

Photography by: Jess DownerTaryn Kent



How did you become best friends? 

Rachel: OOF! I think it was a natural progression and I really can't remember! We met at a mutual friend's girls night ages ago, and the rest is kinda history. Now she's just my family/someone I wanna do life with for always.
Nata: Same as above. LOL



Tell us a little or a lot about the one another!

Rachel: Renata is incredible. She's talented at pretty much everything she tries. And when I say talented, I mean like next level unreal at everything. I don't think there's anything she's picked up that she hasn't absolutely blown outta the water with beauty. The best thing about Nata though is that she has a giant heart. She loves hard and unconditionally and she's there for you always and without the expectation of that in return. She's easy- our friendship has always been organic and effortless-that's how you know when its your people. And she's straightforward, she's a good communicator and she knows how to do it well and with intention. She's just the best.
Nata: I think the thing I noticed about Rach first is her deep empathy for others and her ability to make you feel comfortable being vulnerable - which is not something I ever do immediately. She is kind, loving, talented and probably the hardest worker I know. She's a boss lady in the best way - running 2 legit and flourishing businesses - all on her own. She's the kind of person I hope I am to others...and I'll get there someday. :) Is it weird that I wanna be Rach when I "grow up"? 



What is your most favorite project you two have worked on together?  

Rachel: Oh man! Tanya and Jon's wedding is probably one of my most favorites. And then there's our rose park shoot (but that can't be shared in polite company).
Nata: Tonya and Jon's wedding for sure. She designed, coordinated, and floralized it. My hubs and I photographed it. Those two were dream clients and their vibe perfectly fit ours. I also really loved doing the holiday workshop. She taught how to make wreaths, I taught macrame and we drank all the whiskey. 


Favorite adventure together?

Rachel: Last summer we took a trip together back Yellowstone National Park and we also journeyed to Iceland. They were two of my all time favorite trips together! 



How are you two better together?  

Rachel: Nata pushes/challenges me. I think we do that for each other, actually. We grow each other, we make each other better both as humans and creatively. We love each other consistently and without much effort or condition. We are intentional with each other. We grow together. I think all those things are what makeup true friendship. 
Nata: Rach literally makes me a kinder, more gracious person. I am quite rough around the edges and she helps smooth them out. I like that we can be super real with our feelings... Even if we don't always agree. I particularly love that we can give each other sh** without getting butt hurt about it. Most of my relationships are based around at least 40% humor soooooo. Yah. We also have similar life goals and when we spend time together, we feel like the best versions of ourselves. 



Any upcoming projects, girl's getaways or friendcations we should keep on our radar? Your adventures are the best! 

Rachel: Ha! Thanks!! Ummmm Nata will be out here for my bday party soon, and we are hopefully doing a Zion trip just after my birthday! We also have potential Alaska plans in the works and I'm sure more quick visits or trips we haven't even planned yet!
Nata: Zion and Alaska! 



Photography by: Jess DownerTaryn Kent

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