Birthday Bucket List of the Week: The Ultimate Chill Ice Cream Party Spot
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Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

2 Rivington Street, New York, NY, United States

As kids, we used to beg our parents to take us to the local creamery for ice cream with the neighbor kids, and an ice cream cake to celebrate a birthday was an even more exciting surprise. Imagine being that age and finding out you could rent out the whole ice cream parlor and be surrounded by only your friends? Buying out this NYC hotspot is basically the grown up version of that sugar-filled childhood dream come to life. And so, we’re adding Morgenstern’s to our #birthdaybucketlist for the kid in all of us.



Peppermint Vanilla and Bitter Chocolate may sound like dueling comic book characters, but in actuality they’re a couple of Nick Morgenstern’s most delicious small batch ice cream creations. Morgenstern serves up his crowd-pleasingly wild flavor concoctions at this darling spot in the Lower East Side and we’re drooling over the space just as much as we’re craving the flavors.



Sunny Space, Happy Face

More than your typical hole-in-the-wall ice cream shop, Morgenstern’s is the kind of place where you can pile in with a bunch of friends to claim counter space or window seats and taste test until your sweet heart’s content.  



Private Parlor Buyout! 

With marshmallowy white walls and iconic blue trimmed floor-to-ceiling windows, the space is cheerful and sunny, like any ice cream parlor should be. The playlist is always good; the staff lovely; and two-hour buyouts are a breeze if you’re looking to book a private event. Yup, you heard correctly, Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream parlor is available for buyouts in two-hour blocks! Make your friends ALL feel like kids in an ice cream shop.

Grab a cone and pick a flavor.. which one will you choose?! Here are a few options so you can start pre-planning. 

  • Salt and Pepper Pinenut
  • Cardamom Lemon Jam
  • Chocolate Oat
  • Black Strap Rum
  • Banana Curry
  • Blueberry Labne
  • Peanut Butter Picoso's
  • Black Ass Licorice
  • Many more... 



I Scream, You Scream

Is there anything more fun than throwing a surprise party for the people you love who also just happen to love sweets? You could totally trick this spot out for a vintage birthday bash. Maybe even plan a roller skating adventure beforehand and end up at Morgenstern’s where everyone else is waiting for the guest of honor.



Back in the comic book days, Archie seemed to always bring Betty and Veronica to the ice cream shop. How fun would it be to send out comic themed invitations to your party, or even hand out Archie valentine style cards as invites? You could decorate everything with that retro candy apple red color for décor and make a special playlist of all old school skate rink tunes for the party.




Morgenstern’s passion in ice cream stems from a background in pastry making, which you’d certainly be able to recognize as soon as you get a spoonful of his ice cream cake. Rich salted caramel ice cream wedged between layers of caramel cake, frosted with meringue and covered with caramel and pretzels makes us want to weep tears of joy.



Knowing the experience of Morgenstern’s is riddled with the delightful smell of sugar and cream, the view of bustling city sidewalks, and the sounds of a badass playlist, we’d say throwing a party here is a #birthdaybucketlist must! Not only will your taste buds be in hog heaven, but we’re pretty sure your eight year old self will be cha-chinging all up and down the street over finally having the whole ice cream parlor to yourself with the company of only your most fun-loving friends.



Now go and celebrate the sweet life. 


Photos: Alan Gastelum  |Venue: Morgenstern’s | Private Parlor Buyout Information 


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