Check Out This Pop-up Dinner Series With A Cause
We’re always chatting about the importance of gatherings to make people feel like they’re part of a community, but our gatherings would be null without great food and drink. The team at Canada’s Farmacie is totally...
by Alyssa Brown

We’re always chatting about the importance of gatherings to make people feel like they’re part of a community, but our gatherings would be null without great food and drink. The team at Canada’s Farmacie is totally with us on that point. This crew not only produces amazing pop-up events where they connect folks over delicious meals, but they do it all in the name of fundraising for local farms, small businesses and non-profit foundations. 

The Farmacie crew recently hosted a Garden of Eden community dinner in the poplar grove at UBC Farm in Vancouver to raise funds for Thrive Alive. They asked guests to show up in their Thursdays' finest (aka: farm chic) and prepared the attendees to expect the venue to completely blow their farm-to-table, garden of eden dreams out of the water. How much fun does that sound?! We turned to them for the whole story behind these amazing (and gorgeous!) events. Be sure to check out their event newsletters, because this is a team that’s worth keeping an eye on. More from Farmacie below.

Photography by: Christine Pienaar



This event was so inspring! Give us the inside scoop.

Britney Gill: A special long table dinner was hosted in the Poplar Grove at The UBC Farm. In collaboration with The Juice Truck and Feedlife, they created a true plant-based ‘Garden of Eden’ meal in honour of Eden Elizabeth to benefit Thrive Alive; a foundation focused on creating access for Canadians to life-enhancing cancer treatments not traditionally covered by the government or most health care plans



Tell us a little bit about Farmacie...

Britney Gill: We are a community of food aware citizens coming together to inspire change in both our local and global communities -- #NourishingConnections. Our goal is to host workshops & long table community dinners that raise money for various local farms, start ups & charities. Our intrinsic goal is deeper than that. Connecting people over delicious food and drink is a simple recipe for a bigger conversation. We offer food as the grand connector and as global citizens we are all intertwined in its web, with this, FARMACIE encourages us all to take on a more active role in food economies. 






Talk about an incredible spread! Who prepared this feast?

Britney Gill: Guests enjoyed an epic 5 course meal curated by a chef team hand picked by Colin Medhurst (co-founder of Feedlife and plant-based chef): The headliner was Chef Karen McAthy of Blue Heron Cheese. Dinner included wine pairings by Red Rooster, cocktails by Design to Dine, beer & live entertainment! Guests dressed in  farm chic attire and were blown away by the farm-to-table, garden of eden vibes. 








Photographer: Christine Pienaar | Venue: The UBC Farm | Floral Design: a fox in the flowers | Juice: The Juice Truck | Food: Feed Life | Beneficiary: Thrive Alive | Headliner Chef: Chef Karen McAthy of Blue Heron Cheese | Wine: Red Rooster Winery | Cocktails: Design to Dine

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