At the foot of the White Mountain in Siwa, Oasis, Egypt you will find Adrère Amellal Eco-Lodge. “One of the first things on arrival in Siwa which delights and rests the eye, after the glare of the desert, is the blue stretch...
by Cortnie Fausner

At the foot of the White Mountain in Siwa, Oasis, Egypt you will find Adrère Amellal Eco-Lodge. “One of the first things on arrival in Siwa which delights and rests the eye, after the glare of the desert, is the blue stretch of the salt lakes, seen through the date groves.’“ Major T.I. Dunn, 1933




This all inclusive eco-lodge has many venue spaces and is tailored to those who want to getaway, appreciate silence, ponder, and enjoy the nature around them in a desert oasis setting. An event, reunion or getaway here would be serene, magical and ethereal. Your senses will be on high alert without any influence from the outside world, as your phones will not work here, you will be completely unplugged from technology. Doesn't that sound refreshing?! We love a good low-key lodge.

Although this historic desert oasis is mellow, there is a lot to indulge in on the premises. Lounge in one of the bars, dine amongst the earthen salty rocks or outdoor gazebo, and take a dip into the expansive plunge pool that blends seamlessly  into the sea. If you want to indulge in some high energy activities, the lodge offers horse back riding in the desert and riding 4x4 vehicles on the sand dunes!



“Most of the mainly organic food is grown in the grounds or sourced locally, so vegetables and fruit are bursting with flavor. Lunch is served by the pool. Dinner is somewhere different every day – one night we dined at the lone table in a grotto studded with salt crystals and candles.”-- Aoife Oriordain, The Independent

The buildings were created with mud and salt-brick and blend seamlessly into the side of the White Mountain, overlooking the glimmering Lake Siwa. The earthen buildings and landscape may almost play tricks on you, as if one was stumbling upon a mirage of a giant glittering desert sand castle.




You will hardly notice electricity is missing at Adrère Amellal. You will be distracted by the gorgeous salt lakes, the spring-fed Roman pool perched on the Great Grand Sea, the to-die-for sunsets and hundreds of ivory wax candles that illuminate the property each evening.




There are 40 rooms for you and your guests to stay at. Each one of them is hand-built and completely unique. The furniture pays homage to the eco-lodge , and was created and  by local artisans of Egypt.  Each room is sprinkled with bohemian chic design touches, such as Bedouin Carpets, doors crafted from palm trees, and beds of palm fronds. locally made beeswax candles while beds were warmed by mini fire pits and hot water bottles.



AROUND TOWN: Dominating the atmosphere of the town of Siwa are the magnificent jagged ruins of Shali Fortress. Built in the 13th century from a mixture of mud, sand and sun-dried salt, harvested from Siwa’s salt lakes, and palm trunk ceilings. Siwan craftsmanship is celebrated for its exquisitely embroidered garments and stunning silver jewelry. Visit the city center, stroll through the marketplace and spend time absorbing the local scene.




And as the night settles it becomes even more magical date palms, sand dunes, white mountains and a lake. “Not half a hundred voyagings for gold, Could make me rich, as many times I’ve been,When, weary eyed, I’ve watched the dawn unfold, And spread soft radiance, O’er a desert scene.” - G.F.F. to A.M.H in ‘the Lost Oasis.’





The entire venue and lodge is illuminated by candle and the light of the moon each evening and night, and the walls are glittering with salt. You can follow a myriad of pathways glowing with oil lamps, that will direct you to stone feasting tables. Here you will indulge on feasts prepared with organic and local ingredients.




As the sun sets, ride horses, drive, walk, play or dine in the rolling dunes of the Great Sand Sea where you can dine surrounded by shimmering stars and sand dunes. Take your guests on a journey by arriving to your desert table by horse. Here, in the middle of the desert,  you can enjoy the silence and haunting beauty that is Egypt. Sleep and dine under the stars at Adrère Amellal Eco Lodge in Siwa. This would be an unparalleled getaway or event. Do you agree?!

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