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Escape Winter (and Make a Hammock) with Thread Caravan and Emily Katz in Oaxaca, Mexico
Julie Pointer-Adams
byJulie Pointer-Adams

So, it happened again. Winter is here and you are planning your next chance to head out on that exotic getaway. Well, here’s your chance. We’ve got the inside scoop on a seriously once-in-a-lifetime experience hosted by Thread Caravan and macramé wonder-woman Emily Katz that will be going down in Oaxaca, Mexico in May… the perfect time to dose up on sunny, 80-degree days to make up for lost time. Not to mention the fact that this five-day, four-night, virtually all-inclusive extravaganza revolves around learning how to make your own hammock at the feet of a local fourth-generation hammock-maker, along with special macramé tips from Emily Katz—all producing a truly memorable whirlwind that will (hands-down) beat any last-ditch dash to Cancun.

Photography by Thread Caravan & Modern Macramé

What is Thread Caravan?

Thread Caravan is headed by Caitlin Ahern, who is in the business of curating eye-opening, thoughtful experiences around the particular crafts that are indigenous to a place (i.e. natural dyeing or weaving taught by artisans) — which in the case of the Oaxacan region, happens to include hammock making. Although we often hear about the efforts of, or try to support fair trade organizations, rarely do we get the chance to actually have first-hand encounters and learning moments with the artisans who are making these beautiful, handcrafted goods; Thread Caravan workshops are aiming to upend that disconnect. In this case (and with all the adventures Thread Caravan orchestrates), travelers earn a rich historical, cultural and sensory hands-on experience that not only grounds you in the true context of Oaxaca, but also allows you to support local craftspeople in a completely personal way. Quite the special opportunity, if you ask us.

Get Bathed in Beauty

We won’t give away all the juicy details of what you’ll be up to on this fabulous adventure, but let’s just say Caitlin and Emily know how to whip up a mouth-watering series of events—for all the senses. Upon arrival in Oaxaca City you’ll soon be whisked away (after a delicious welcome bev on a terrace, of course) to a private home 45 minutes outside of the city in the magical town of Mitla. Between learning how to make your very own hammock, getting saturated in Zapotec culture, lounging by the pool, being fed the very best food by talented local chefs, absorbing macramé wisdom from Emily, seeing how mezcal is made and taking a dip in a mineral spring infinity pool amidst the mountains… well, we can guarantee you’ll be bathing in beauty for the entirety of your time. If we haven’t managed to convince you yet (unlikely), we encourage you to check out some of Thread Caravan’s past adventures to whet your appetite to the max.


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