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Girls Getaway of the Week: Magical Rock Formations in the Serene Canyons of Utah
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown
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Canyon Point, UT, United States

Sometimes we forget how much this great, expanse of a country has to offer in natural beauty. And seeing as it’s an election year, why not make one last resolution for 2016 to explore more stateside destinations. Plentiful in rock formations, canyons, deserts, and skyline, Utah’s Canyon Point is as exploration-worthy as it gets. Whether you and the ladies are looking to celebrate a bachelorette party, reunion or just get in some high-quality girl time, Amangiri is one of those nature-loving resorts that’s all about the treat yo’ self vibe.

Photography by Scott Clark

Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah
Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah


The Scene

Vegas is fun and all, but let’s leave that club scene for the boys. It surely won’t be missed at Amangiri, which is about as far off the grid as you can get without having to hitchhike through mountainside to reach the resort.


Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah
Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah

Instead of swatting off cheesy club promoters, you’ll be soaking up all the minerals in the many outdoor hot tubs and heated swimming pools. 

Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah
Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah
Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah

Late night stargazing around here is no joke, as the sky is limitless and void of any nearby manmade light. Flotation therapy: also an option.

That beautiful marriage of relaxing and adventurous, Amangiri offers a plethora of spa services and a long list of nearby sites to explore. 


Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon are heavy hitters on the must-see list, and kayaks, hot air balloons, horseback, and hiking on-foot are all options of transportation around the area.

Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah


It’s Not a Mirage

An architectural masterpiece, the exterior of Amangiri is nearly indistinguishable from the incredible desert and canyon ridge backdrop. Designed under the direction of three architects, the 34-room luxury boutique hotel incorporates the surrounding sandstone as though it were part of the building materials.


Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah
Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah
Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah
Group Getaway at Amangiri Resort in Utah

Inside, the rooms are more plush than stark, with comfy beds and many lounging options. Perhaps the key feature of each room is the framing of the outdoor surroundings. 

Some rooms feature private pools, outdoor dining areas and even outdoor beds for the crew of true nature-worshipping ladies. 

Currently Craving

Dinner outside at the desert lounge is exactly what you and the girls will be craving after a day of adventure or relaxation.  The menu is ever evolving based on whatever produce is in season, but the crab linguini sounds amazing right this second.  Since all else feels perfect in the world, might as well round out the evening with a coconut vanilla panna cotta with wild blackberry compote.


If magic and wonder are what you’re after for the remainder of 2016, be sure to share this stunner with your travel buds. Here’s to finishing off a year with exploring awe-inspiring landscapes and getting together with the best of kin!

Venue: Amangiri | Photographer: Scott Clark


Scott Clark
Scott Clark
Scott Clark Photography
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Scott Clark photography is based in Los Angeles. Jobs take me from Coast to Coast and internationally. I enjoy planting seeds, growing plants, biking over the Brooklyn Bridge, BBQ on the park, West coast of Mexico, driving to Alaska, camping, oranges, grapefruit, fancy beer, and enjoying time with the people closest to me. - Website

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