How These Hotels Are Reducing Their Use of Plastic One Guest at a Time
Created in partnership with our friends at Boxed Water. Plastic waste is a problem. A big problem. It's one of the most prolific issues facing our planet, especially the ocean, today. 8.8 million tons of plastic...
by The Venue Report

Created in partnership with our friends at Boxed Water.

Plastic waste is a problem. A big problem. It's one of the most prolific issues facing our planet, especially the ocean, today. 8.8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 38 billion plastic bottles are sent to landfills each year. It's an overwhelming situation that strikes many as too large of a task to even start on. We're beginning to see businesses and even countries take action, but how do we take matters into our own hands?

Here at The Venue Report, we've been talking a lot about change at scale and how one person, one company or one property can effect that change. We recently have been taking note of hotels that are leading the charge on reducing plastic-use and even going plastic-free. Traveling is often wasteful and compromises eco-efforts, so we can learn something from properties that are helping tip the scale back towards sustainability. One of the biggest ways these conscious hotels are making an eco-friendly choice is by stocking Boxed Water Is Better® instead of single-use plastic bottled water. Every room and every guest is provided with the recyclable, renewable water in a box. Instead of hundreds (maybe thousands) of plastic bottles getting tossed out daily, Boxed Water's paper variation steps in. That's change at scale. 

We sat down with some early hotelier adopters of sustainable practices to talk about why they chose to stock Boxed Water over single-use plastic options, and how they are further encouraging green efforts at their properties. Read on to get the inside scoop from Florida's bungalow surfer retreat, Hotel Palms and everyone's favorite family of glampsites, Under Canvas

Boxed Water wants it to be easy to make the switch from plastic bottled water so they are offering 3 complimentary cases of water for new members of their wholesale program. Check it out here →

What was the initial motivator to go with Boxed Water over a plastic bottle provider on your properties?

Hotel Palms: The first time we saw Boxed Water was at Bloomingdales years ago in New York City and we were immediately struck by the branding, as well as how much better it was for the environment. We knew the product would resonate with our guests, as well as the community.

As a leading boutique hospitality brand, have you seen any traction since stocking Boxed Water? 

Hotel Palms: Two complimentary Boxed Waters are available in every guest room, but we sell the item when hosting public and private events. We’ve found that guests are more likely to purchase Boxed Water than they would a plastic bottle of water. It has been a good source of incremental revenue.

Under Canvas: Yes. Our guests identify with this brand and have an expectation that their consumer dollars are supporting efforts that they’re personally aligned with. We hear great feedback from them. Boxed Water has some amazing stories behind their commitment to plant two trees when you share a photo of their water and tag them, in addition to being beautifully packaged and making their customers feel empowered by their purchasing decision. This is a high quality product with an important story to tell, so everyone wins!  

How does your choice of an alternative to plastic bottles contribute to the unique experience you offer?

Hotel Palms: We want our guests to have a great experience. Whether that’s found in the comfort of our beds, the solitude of our courtyard, or in the vibrance of the weekend coffee service. Our mission is to leave guests with a unique experience. By offering Boxed Water, and other unique in-room amenities, we’re capitalizing on all of the five senses, which always creates a lasting impression.

What are your goals for using Boxed Water? Any plans to expand your conservation efforts?

Under Canvas: We have a goal to be zero waste by 2021, which will require an increased effort around existing practices in composting, recycling and partnering with companies like Boxed Water who share our mission.

Photography by Bailey Made

Hotel Palms: The Hotel Palms has a few exciting events coming up in 2019, so we hope to align with Boxed Water as a partner on events that incorporate health and wellness.

Do you have any tips for other hospitality brands on going plastic free or starting to reduce plastic use?

Hotel Palms: We encourage our employees to bring their stainless steel water bottles to work and during events, we request that attendees do not throw away their plastic wine glass, but bring it back to the bar to be refilled. 

Under Canvas: Just do it! The planet wins, your business wins and your guests win. 

Join Boxed Water's wholesale program (and mention The Venue Report in the process) and you'll receive 3 complimentary cases of water with your first order. Apply to the wholesale program →


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