How to Host a Wild Beach Camp Bachelorette by Tinker Tin Trailer Co.
Coming up with a creative bachelorette party idea that vibes with your gal's design savvy and her desire to think outside the Vegas-box can be a tall task. And since we're always on the hunt for awesome ways for you to celebrate your...
by Alyssa Brown

Coming up with a creative bachelorette party idea that vibes with your gal's design savvy and her desire to think outside the Vegas-box can be a tall task. And since we're always on the hunt for awesome ways for you to celebrate your bestie, we kinda freaked out when we spotted this stunning beachside camping setup. Spending a weekend on the beach with your main girls is always a lovely way to spend a bachelorette weekend bonding with the ladies. But wouldn't it be more fun if you threw in a surprise she'd never expect? Enter this idea: dinner party pop-up picnic in the sand, complete with a cute and cozy tipi. Get creative with it and hire a tarot card reader to setup shop in the tipi, or maybe pile up the pillows inside and make this into a cozy reading zone.

A crew that rents out a host of vintage campers, tipis, and bell tents, the creative geniuses over at Tinker Trailer Co. put together this insanely beautiful photo shoot with one of their cool tipis set on a Central Coast beach. The fur coats, the greenery-adorned tipi entrance, the geodes... I mean, is there anything more Pinterest worthy than a photo shoot that's full of mixed textures and boho-chic decor?



Luckily for us all, we were able to get the full breakdown from Jaime, Owner extraordinaire of Tinker Tin Trailer Co. on the inspiration behind this gorgeous bohemian photo shoot on the beach. Since we're loving the vibe they created for this inspirational photo shoot, you can imagine how jazzed we are about the new venue they're opening up. All we know now is that it's situated on an organic vineyard estate with a sweet little swimming pond, the new digs will be home base to their badass vintage camping trailers. We're keeping an eye out for this crew and think you should too. Check out our interview with Jaime from Tinker Tin Trailer Co. and the gorgeous snaps by Kelsea Holder.



Words by: Tinker Tin Trailer Co. Owner Jaime Holm, Images by Kelsea Holder

Tell us a bit about the shoot, who was involved and why you chose this particular beach/venue.

Our Big Sur Sioux Tipi photo shoot was shot by the talented Kelsea Holder! The Central Coast of California is like an island in a way (3.5 hrs North is San Francisco or 3.5 hrs South is Los Angeles... so it is a bit of a trek to reach a bigger city that has a fun night life), and San Luis Obispo County in particular doesn't have any proper clubs, so most Bachelorettes that come to the area go wine tasting! We wanted to create something a little different so .. we mixed the idea of honoring the Bride-to-be, with the quiet beauty of the Central Coast  and then adding a fun twist to it- for a wild beach camp inspired bachelorette party!

Getting married is one of the most adult moments we have- so we figured why not celebrate your last hoorah by acting like a little girl all over again! Let's celebrate all the moments that made the Bride who she is like- playing dress up with your girlfriends and taking fun photos to remember that moment forever, toes in the sand, camping under a starry night with your best friends, letting your hair down, dancing wild around the campfire in fur coats, skinny dipping, and so much more!  



How did you find and ultimately decide on this particular beach?

The beach we chose is a private locals sort of beach- that we grew up going to and hanging out at. You can't see the beach from the road, and you have to hike down to it! The beach is really private and is surrounded by a gorgeous rock wall that Kelsea incorporated beautifully into the photos! 



Was there anything either onsite or in the surrounding area you integrated into your design?

We wanted the decor and tablescape to be simple and to blend in with the beach and surrounding elements! The girls all sat on the sand while they drank and ate appetizers! We used white coral and put candles in it for light, and a few geodes and succulents for color! The same wooden tubs we used to carry all the food and drinks down to the beach for the party, were the same ones we used as a mini tables for the cook area- by flipping them upside down.

The small busted up pallet we used as a table top on the sand, we found down on the beach and turned into our table! Not only the best beaches in our opinion, but the best adventures and memories always occur off the beaten path! So instead of getting caught up in too many design details, we simplified everything and used what we found on the beach, thus giving us more time to enjoy the moments! 



Why did you make the design decisions you did?

Tipi's are more commonly seen in desert scapes and flowy bohemian styles... Determined to capture all things we love we figured out a way to blend the wild open landscape, the wild hair, a touch of our western roots here on the Central Coast with the cowboy hats, as well as some mermaid vibes with a clean and modern twist all together! That was a lot of ideas all in one- but overall I think Kelsea captured it magically! 



Are there any tips you can provide to our audience on how to re-create a bit of this on their own?

We would say- first start out by deciding what makes you the most happy- whether that be city lights at night, the beach, the mountains, the desert etc. Once you have that bit down- then work with what you have! You don't have to go out and buy a whole new tablescape- for example if it's the mountains that make you smile- maybe explore a new trail with your friends and find a tree that has fallen down- use that as your table.

We used pieces of coral and put candles inside the coral as our center piece.. well out in the woods that wouldn't fit so well- so maybe find a rock on the trail or an old tree limb, or pine cone to use as a center piece instead!




Venue: Tinker Trailer Co. | Photography: Kelsea Holder Photo | Planning + Design: Tinker Trailer Co. | Videography: Tinker Trailer Co. | Makeup: Amanda Olson | Hair: Becky Wolfe | Bride’s Dress: Rebecca Schoneveld | Bride’s Jewel Crown, Ring, Necklace, Geodes + Custom Agate Coasters: Vagabond Queen | Gold Kaftan + Bride’s White Robe Accessories: Felice Art Couture | Coats + Hats: Village Vintage Arroyo Grande

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