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How to Turn Your Company Retreat in Bermuda into a Bucket List Adventure
Dylan Essertier
byDylan Essertier

Created in partnership with our friends at the Bermuda Tourism Authority


Bermuda is a destination known by many for its turquoise beaches and chilled-out vibe, but beyond just being a great spot to relax and unwind, the island is a treasure trove of activities. A one of a kind oasis where you can trek through beautifully rugged coastline, hang out with majestic humpback whales, indulge in unforgettable local fare, and horesback ride along pastel pink sands as the sun enters the morning sky. Since here at The Venue Report we’re firm believers that every company retreat should come with a side of beautiful beach and a dash of thrill, we’re counting down five ways to turn your team getaway to Bermuda into a bucket list adventure.

Photography: Jess Meyrick

Charter a Catamaran at Sunset

What could be better than sipping on cocktails while enjoying the sunset after a long day of exploring the turquoise seas? Bermuda has plenty of opportunities to create full-day itinerary for your company whether you want to scuba dive through shipwrecks, barbecue on a secluded island or sip Rum Swizzles as the sun melts into the glittering sea (or our choice: all of the above). 

Photography: My Darling PassportAmy Stone

Go Horseback Riding on the Beach at Dawn

Close your eyes and just picture this scene: it’s sunrise and your on horesback splashing through the gentle waves that lap up against Bermuda’s sandy shores. Get your team together to embark on any of the several picturesque horesback riding excursions available throughout this lush island. Insider tip: Check out Moran Meadows for a variety of coastal trail options.

Photography: Jose VillaMoran MeadowsSailing Europe

Hang out with Humpback Whales

Bermuda just happens to be perfectly situated along the migration route of 10,000 majestic humpback whales who travel annually to their northing feeding grounds in Canada, Greenland, and Iceland each spring. In other words? The island offers some of the most unforgettable whale watching in the world. Head to Sargasso Sea during the months of April and May and you’ll have the chance to catch a glimpse of these incredible creatures with your favorite co-workers.

Photography: Thomas KelleyGuille Pozzi

Explore Underground Caves

Deep dive into Bermuda’s natural wonder with a tour of Crystal Caves, a formation of soaring stalagmites and icicles of white limestone that are considered among some of the most unique geological phenomena in the world. Tours are given daily through The Crystal Caves of Bermuda and reservations aren’t required. Word to the wise? Be sure to wear rubber-soled shoes for the tour.

Photography: Bermuda Tourism Authority

Try a Bermuda Fish Sandwich at Art Mels

If you let your stomach run your bucket list like we do, then don’t miss the chance to sink your teeth into the delicious Bermuda cuisine. First on the list, a famous Bermuda fish sandwich. For the best in town, head to Art Mels, where you’ll find a generous slab of fried, freshly-caught fish on two slices of toasted raisin bread with a smattering of hot sauce. Also worth checking off your bucket list? A taste of Bermuda fish chowder, a tomato-based seafood and vegetable stew served with a delicious dash of Gosling's Black Seal rum. Hog Penny and Lobster Pot’s in Hamilton serve up the best on the island. 

Photography: Audrey Jensen

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