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It's Mr. C if You Please
The Los Angeles of yore was a strange, ritzy affair, welcoming the rough tumblers alongside the class acts. West coasters knew the value of paradise out among the palm trees and a city always under construction, and if you had picked...
by Jake Kilroy
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The Los Angeles of yore was a strange, ritzy affair, welcoming the rough tumblers alongside the class acts. West coasters knew the value of paradise out among the palm trees and a city always under construction, and if you had picked any brain of a mid-century Angeleno, he or she would’ve told you anything was possible in the future if you could protect what’s yours in the present.

These days, philosophy doesn’t always make its way into the luxury game. Too often, respect and relaxation aren’t backed enough by earnestness and empathy. One stunning L.A. gem, however, is as chic as it is classic, because no joint in town knows how to recreate the City of Angels’ old-school charm like Mr. C Beverly Hills.


Mr C's Beverly Hills


It’s a new, sophisticated escape, tucked between Beverlywood and Beverly Hills, with 137 rooms and suites weaving throughout the property, each featuring a private balcony. Panoramic views of Los Angeles sweep the eyes of any lodging romantic. Sure, the skyline’s changed over the years, maturing from cinematic wonderland to breezy metropolis, but in Los Angeles, nothing ages; it only evolves.


Beverly Hills Sign from Mr Cs
Mr C's Beverly Hills


The Class Acts of the Cipriani Family

Inside Mr. C Beverly Hills, time plays in a modish blend. Modern amenities and contemporary design mix and mingle with masterly elegance that would’ve suited Gatsby. But that shouldn’t surprise you when it’s revealed that the ‘C’ in Mr. C Beverly Hills stands for Cipriani.


Mr C's Beverly Hills


There’s a good chance you already know the name Cipriani. It’s a family name that carries with it generations of cultured weight. To the Ciprianis, luxury doesn’t just boil down to an on-site spa or an always-ready concierge—though, yes, Mr. C Beverly Hills has those too—but it’s more a matter of how you’re treated. To Cipriani, a brand born out of traditional Italian family values, the secret isn’t what can be seen or touched, but what’s felt and sensed. As the family brand explains, it’s intangible but palpable. It can't be patented, and even after nearly a century, it hasn't been duplicated by others.


Mr C's Beverly Hills
Mr C Hotel in Beverly Hills


So while Mr. C Beverly Hills celebrates Southern California, where afternoon life is either spent at the pool or an outdoor lounge, it comes with generations of traveler wisdom and cultivated experience, and it all starts with a bartender back in the homeland of Italy.


History of Mr C Beverly Hills


Humble Beginnings at Harry’s Bar

In 1931, Giuseppe Cipriani opened Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy, what would become the first step toward a globally celebrated approach to class and luxury—and it was born out of generosity.



As drinker lore goes, while working as a bartender at a nearby hotel, Cipriani befriend a customer by the name of Harry Pickering, a sad American student who came to town at the insistence of his aunt to cure his alcoholism. When the young Bostonian wound up penniless, Cipriani loaned him 10,000 lire. A few years later, Pickering returned with 40,000 lire for his favorite bartender, explaining, “Cipriani, here you are. Thanks for the money. In gratitude, I'm adding another 30,000 lire so that you can open a bar of your own for high society.”

And so Harry’s Bar was born, eventually becoming a favorite spot for the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart.



From Favorite Bar to Favorite Brand

70 years later, Harry’s Bar would become recognized as a national landmark. In that time, Cipriani developed the beloved watering hole into a world-renowned hospitality brand. These days, Cipriani is practically its own adjective, synonymous with luxury or class.

In total, Cipriani has restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Ibiza, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Monte Carlo, Moscow, New York, and Venice. Plus, the brand’s responsible for Cipriani Club Residences in New York City, a Beaux-Arts masterpiece of 100+ apartments that look like movie sets. That’s the team behind Mr. C Beverly Hills.

So, naturally, The Venue Report wanted to ask some questions of the global brand about their dive into the bright, colorful waters of the Beverly Hills.



Words by Mr. C Beverly Hills

What’s the concept behind Mr. C Beverly Hills?

Setting the stage for a new era in timeless, contemporary hospitality, Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani, fourth generation of a family internationally renowned for its restaurants, landmarked banquet spaces, clubs, and residences, have launched Mr. C, a signature hotel brand. Mr. C Beverly Hills represents a modern version of old-world simplicity, stylish European glamour, providing every guest with a comfortable, elegant, and effortless experience that blends contemporary amenities with discreet, personalized service.



Who designed it? What influenced the design?

Mr. C Beverly Hills was conceptually designed by Ignazio & Maggio Cipriani with Marcello Pozzi and Gentler as the architect and interiors by Marcello Pozzi and Tedeschi USA. All of the furniture was made custom for the hotel from Italy.

Mr. C Beverly Hills exudes a familiar yet elevated old-world simplicity, adding in plenty of European luxury touches. Rich-colored wood adorns the floors and walls, while a burgundy and gray color palette with clean white accents sweeps through the hotel. Chic black and white photographs by photojournalist Giuseppe Palmas, known for shooting Italian celebrities in the 1950s and 60s, can be found throughout the hotel. Furnishings include classic tufted leather, Chesterfield sofas, and Venetian chandeliers to complement the tasteful chrome and travertine marble accents and rosewood finishings.


Photo: Brian Leahy Photography

What do you think makes Mr. C Beverly Hills ideal for gatherings, reunions, group getaways, and retreats?

Mr. C is perfect for small and large gatherings, corporate events, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, meetings and more! The Starlight Ballroom features 360-degree views of Los Angeles and a wraparound teak deck. Our events feature classic Cipriani cuisine you know and love from the world-renowned restaurants.




Are any of the design elements outsourced?

The chandeliers in the Starlight Ballroom feature Murano Glass from the Venetian island of Murano.



How was the space designed for gatherings?

Mr. C Beverly Hills offers guests a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with luxurious, thoughtful design elements throughout the property.



If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, make sure you find yourself in Mr. C Beverly Hills, whether as a guest or a diner. It’s the place to be.  


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