Host a Safari Soiree + Expedition in Africa
Katie David Bush
No. 7436
Singita Lodges | Private Game Reserve
S. Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
Camping / Glamping
African Vogue Villas
Stunning Serengeti
REPORTER: Katie David Bush
Host a Safari Soiree + Expedition in Africa
Host a Safari Soiree + Expedition in Africa
Host a Safari Soiree + Expedition in Africa

The Report

Calling all contemporary explorers! Are you looking for an venue where you can throw on your expedition hat and host a dusk to dawn gathering? Every once in a great while a place comes across our Reporter desks that evoke within each and every one of us a collective longing. A longing found within the deepest reaches of our hearts, in a dusty corner, long lost but never forgotten. An exquisitely perfect locale to exercise our wayfaring wanderlust and our inexhaustible belief that the greatest lessons in life are experienced, not learned in the dusty tomes of any measure of stately university. Today we bring you a collection of venues in Africa, that are embarrassingly easy on the eyes. So round up a cavalcade of your closest for a spectacular safari soiree and have both a literal and proverbial Moveable Feast worthy of the great Hemingway himself.

Singita, ('place of miracles') is a collection of twelve luxury lodges and camps located in three different countries - South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania - all situated on the African continent.  Singita Lodges perpetuate the prolific ideal of Africa as the last, great untouched wild on Earth, evoking the glamorous Hemingway-era 1930’s but with a gloss of contemporary cool and utter dedication to the pristine preservation of the land and it’s magnificent wildlife.

HOW WILL MY GUESTS GET HERE?: Flights to the South African lodges route through Johannesberg. From there one can hop either a private charter or scheduled flight to Satara or Singita private airstrip or take an air-conditioned car from Johannesberg. Flights to the Tanzania lodges will route through Kilamanjaro. From there one can hop a private charter or scheduled flight to Singita private airstrip. This is recommended as the drive from Kilamanjaro is approx 7 hours.

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