Oh Hi, Beijos Events Ladies Weekend in Ojai!
As you get a wee bit older, getting away with your girl gang is always more of a challenge. Throw significant others, #girlboss careers and maybe a few littles into the mix... well it's gosh darn nearly impossible to see your sistah...
by Adam Szafranski

As you get a wee bit older, getting away with your girl gang is always more of a challenge. Throw significant others, #girlboss careers and maybe a few littles into the mix... well it's gosh darn nearly impossible to see your sistah friends!  Besides completely fan-girling over the all-femme posse over at Beijos Events who forever gives us inspiration for events, creative projects, and styled photoshoots, their recent weekend getaway to Ojai made our little hearts sing. We know what busy bees they are and they're showing us all what it means to take a little time for yourelf to gather round and  "dance with the ones who brought ya." 


Girls Getaway in Ojai, California

Photographed by Megan Welker, (isn't it amazing when one of your besties just happens to be an insanely talented photographer?) this weekend full of palling around small town Ojai looks like the kind of girls’ getaway we’re always dreaming about planning. Taking time out to explore shops and restaurants in a quaint California coast town might be the key to a happy life. Or maybe it’s female friendships in general that make us happy. Either way, we’re stoked to tag along with this crew, especially from the perspective of Jacquelyn from Beijos Events!



Words by Jacquelyn from Beijos Events | Photography by Megan Welker

What prompted your girls getaway?

We love any reason to get together and now that we all have families, girl trips can be few and far between but sometimes you've just got to make it happen! It was the perfect timing right before the craziness of the holidays and after a nice long summer with our families, we each found ourselves free from any plans for a weekend and we jumped on the chance to be together! 


Girls Getaway in Ojai, California


Why do you think it's important to getaway and gather with the girls every now and then?

Like I said, we all have families and careers which make for a very hectic life and schedule and it's important to take some time away from it all for our own sanity, and sometimes getting with your girlfriends is the best medicine. Just like any relationship, friendships need  care and love so it's important to take that time with your best friends and get that quality time, it's good for the soul.

Why did you choose Ojai as the destination for your getaway?

Ojai is such a fun destination with everything we wanted; sun, shopping, yummy food & wine, and we love the small town boho feel of it! Plus it is somewhat conveniently located in between Southern & Northern California - although it was a bit more of a trek for our Nor Cal Beijos babe.



What was your intinerary for the trip? 

The night we got there we stopped at the local market to pick up some yummy ingredients for a cheese plate and local wine and then relaxed at the adorable Air BNB we stayed at before we headed to a yummy dinner at the quintessential Ojai spot - The Ranch House.

We had the most amazing experience where one of the owners told us the story behind the restaurant of how it started and wonderful little stories like which table John Lennon and Yoko Ono always sat at when they visited.


The next morning started early with coffee and tea. 



We then headed to the Ojai staple of Bonnie Lu's for a good old diner breakfast complete with fried eggs and hash browns - we may have been a little bit hung over from the wine the night before, haha! Then we started our shopping!!


Girls Getaway in Ojai, California


First stop was Fig, the most amazing plant and home store with tons of little goodies to have our hearts happy. We could spend hours in this store uncovering hidden gem after hidden gem.



Next, we headed to In The Field which is an amazing women's, men's and children's and home shop which is so well curated with one of a kind finds that only a true bohemian would love.



Everything is so pretty to the eye you almost don't want to shop it because it all looks so perfect! Last stop on the shopping tour was Summer Camp, to me this store was the most quintessential Ojai. It was small and welcoming with such a warm vibe, we each couldn't help but pick up a few pieces for our families and our homes.



Last stop was Noso Vita, a perfect outdoor spot for happy hour with yummy local wines and delicious food. One of the chefs even brought us out some fish to try that he had caught that same day in Santa Barbara! We enjoyed each others company and winded down after a busy day of shopping and exploring.


Girls Getaway in Ojai, California


From all of the venues you visited what stood out to you?

Ojai is such an amazing town and after visiting we all discussed how we could live there! The town itself is so low key and the vibe there just makes you want to slow down and relax, which we all need to do every once and a while! Our favorite spot had to be Summer Camp, the small feel of it and the inviting space really draws you in and the store itself is so well curated, it just screams Ojai to us! 



What venues or experiences made this girls gathering extra special?

We really enjoyed staying at the Air BNB, there are tons of great hotels in Ojai but we loved being able to cook a dinner together, hang out at the fire pit and at the end of the night lounge on the couch and talk about life and our days without having to split up in different rooms. Being all together in one house makes the trip that much more fun, plus we kind of sort of got to feel like locals!!



Any extra tips, funny moments or experiences you want to share?

When we did go to sleep 2 of us got to sleep in a camper van out in the back which made for a very fun and different experience! Also, the night at The Ranch House lead to lots of yummy wine and lots of funny stories... And it's always fun exploring a new town and getting lost finding your way around, even in a small town like Ojai! Any girls trips are fun, but you always know the code of girls trips is to never share all of the secrets ;)


The Crew: Beijos Events  | Photography: Megan Welker Photography

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