Planners Dining Club Series: The Ring of Fire Party
  If you’ve been following along with our Planners Dining Club Series, you may be curious about the roots of this industry-focused dinner club. So, we’re taking a look back at one of the first dinners of the series...
by Alyssa Brown


If you’ve been following along with our Planners Dining Club Series, you may be curious about the roots of this industry-focused dinner club. So, we’re taking a look back at one of the first dinners of the series with event planning and design guru Jove Meyer (of Jove Meyer Events and Planners Dining Club). Hosted at Dobbin Street, this event brought together a group of event industry mavens to dine on delicious between-seasons foods from Bon Bite that included Cornish hens, fennel cod and cauliflower tartare. Floral designer Rebecca Shepherd riffed on the idea of a floral ring of fire, creating an intimate atmosphere inside a large, industrial space.

We recently caught up with Jove to take a look back at this party, which was one of the first events hosted by the Planners Dining Club. As a bit of reflection is always a good way to start the fall season, we’re diving into his highlights below.

Photography by Chellise Michael

This was one of the first dinners: looking back on now and then, is it crazy to see how this project has evolved?

It is so crazy to look back and see the evolution of the Planners Dining Club! This dinner at Dobbin Street really set the bar so high with all of the details from live entertainment, to stunning design and incredible food. Before this dinner we focused mostly on food and this one took it up a notch and really set a precedent for all future dinners.

Tell us about this event's design and inspiration.

Dobbin Street is quite a large space and I wanted to make it feel intimate and full so I designed one large square table in the middle of the room. I wanted guests to be able to interact and see one another from any seat and also to experience all angels of the venue. The design inspiration came from the space itself, the colors on the wall and the industrial feel. I wanted the event to feel like it belonged in the space, like it was meant ot be only there, and nowhere else. The placemats were my favorite part of the design and I found them at paper source. They were originally large wrapping paper sheets and I tore them in half to work as placemats! The marble pattern really elevated the look and feel, so we could keep everything else very minimal and clean. The design for the flowers was to create a ring of fire, flames at various heights around the interior of the table; she really did an amazing job! Each place setting was topped with a bloom as the final detail. We kept the china very clean so the food could be the focus as it was so beautifully presented and looked like art!

Why did you choose Dobbin St. as the venue?

Dobbin Street was a newer venue that many planners had yet to visit or work at so it was the perfect opportunity to gather everyone there and experience the space together! They also were so happy to host us and share the work they had done on their new venue! 

What was the menu like - was anything special served?  

From Bon Bite:

We wanted to paint a visual of the transition of summer to fall flavors through a five course tasting menu. We’re also always looking to serve our guests food that highlights local ingredients with a special twist inspired by the different cultural cuisines that influences us. It was important for this dinner to reflect both these ideas. Components of this dinner paid tribute to the summer loves we were able to harvest and preserve through blended techniques, paired with bountiful fall offerings of game meats, root vegetables and leaves!

Tempura of Fall Leaves 
Pumpkin, Fermented Black Bean, Basil 

Cauliflower Tartare 
Sunchoke Puree, Coriander, Ricotta, Candied Olive 

Cornish Hen 
Szechuan, Shiitake Mandou, Lapsang Roti, Scallion 

Fennel, Truffle, Sweet Potato, Curry Fumet

Coconut Mousse 
Black Sesame Struesel, Fish Sauce Caramel, Sorrel 

What was your favorite part of this dinner? 

The food was so amazing, it was as delicious as it was beautiful. It was not an ordinary dinner, the caterer really got so creative with the ingredients, the presentation and the flavors and everyone enjoyed it so much! The tempura fall leaves were life changing! So fresh and fun and unlike anything I have seen or tasted before!


Planning + Design: Jove Meyer Events | Photography: Chellise Michael Photography | Florals: Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design | Catering: Bon Bite | Rentals: Broadway Party Rentals | Venue: Dobbin Street | Entertainment: Elan Artists

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