Life's not JUST a beach in California. The golden state is a great destination because it has such varied landscapes from North to South, where you can achieve any style of event that you want. You can break it up into the following...
by Cortnie Fausner

Life's not JUST a beach in California. The golden state is a great destination because it has such varied landscapes from North to South, where you can achieve any style of event that you want. You can break it up into the following groups: cityscapes, vineyards, desert oasis, beaches and forests. You can have all of these settings in ONE state.



Following is our CALIFORNIA REPORTER ROUNDUP where we peek into some of our favorite venues and their wildly different settings! California's diverse geography ranges from coastal regions to the mountainous Sierra Nevadas, from the Mojave Deserts to the Redwood forests. You can throw a sandy oceanfront beach party, a wine wedding amongst rolling vineyards, or how about a bridal shower amongst the trees in a wooded forest?! (Photo: Braedon Photography // Design: Sterling Social+ JL Designs)



1. Urban it Up!: Yes, you will bustle your gown, but you also love the hustle and bustle of the city. California has a wealth of awesome cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. There are a plethora of loft-like venues to host your trip down the aisle at. San Diego's Luce Loft is right smack dab in the middle of downtown and Los Angeles has had a big boom in the downtown area. There is the brand new Ace Hotelthat just opened in 2014 and a hip new venue called The Fig House (pictured above).



2. Toast of the Town: You love wine and you love wine at weddings, so for you a vineyard soiree is the only way. California is home to infamous Napa Valley where you can wed at Durham Ranch(pictured above) overlooking rolling hills of grapes. If Napa Valley is a bit out of the budget, you can host your wine-o wedding in Paso Robles, a small town just north of San Luis Obispo in Central California. Rent a wine trolley and let your guests taste wines throughout your wedding day. If Paso is too far to travel don't fret. Your 'grape expectations' can still be met in Temecula, just east of San Diego. We recommend checking out Temecula Creek Inn.



3. Desert Oasis: If a desert landscape brimming with cactus, tumbleweeds and beautiful mountains is where you want to walk down the aisle side then drive straight to Palm Springs, also known as "Hollywood's Playground". There are an abundance of mid-century homes you can rent to host a private party or wedding at, including Twin Palms, the original estate of Frank Sinatra!!! Hollywood royalty, yes please. We also recommend the brand new Sparrows Hotelor the O'Donnell House at the Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn.



4. Forests and Trees Puhhlease: You love greenery, pine needles and cute little squirrels nibbling on acorns. Big Sur is calling your name. We are smitten as kittens with Post Ranch Inn that (photo above) offers weddings with an ocean breeze, but still amongst the giant trees. They also offer great elopement packages. Another new gem in the redwoods is the incredibly mid-century Glen Oaks Big Sur (they even have clawfoot tubs outside!)



5. Life IS a Beach: California is the land of Baywatch, so you cannot fathom NOT having a beachy keen wedding. Head straight to the old stomping grounds of David Hasselhoff AKA Malibu. We particularly love Calamigos Ranch (pictured above by Feather Love Photography)with over 120 acres set high in the mountains with a Ferris Wheel and Merry-go-round available for rent!

Well, that's our short list for now. There is much more coming your way! Do you have any Cali favorites?? The desert? The seas? The trees??

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