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See How This Floral Designer Has Mastered the Ethereal Look
Julie Pointer-Adams
byJulie Pointer-Adams

Sarah Winward’s floral designs are whimsical, romantic and utterly fresh. Working under the moniker Honey of a Thousand Flowers, Sarah has been zipping around the world making magical floral creations for the past ten years, which is obvious through the seemingly effortless ease of every arrangement she lays her hands on. From large-scale installations to photoshoots to weddings with multiple globetrotting destinations, Sarah pales at no floral feat.

She’s a forager at heart, and every occasion is infused with an array of local flora and fauna that will wow. Sarah has been known to trek miles and miles in her van, stopping alongside deserts, empty fields and forests to collect every nature of growing thing including tumbleweeds, grasses, palm fronds and vines. From the rarest refined resort wedding to the most untamed wilds of the West, Sarah’s sensitive eye always pairs exquisite florals with the surrounding setting. Her work thrives on seasonal changes, producing show-stopping décor that reflect and celebrate the joyous explosion of spring and the spare, restrained beauty of winter accordingly.

Photography: Jose Villa for the Laurie Arons Workshop 

Though soft-spoken, doe-eyed and unassuming, Sarah is a quiet force when it comes to making the impossible happen. She’s playful but purposed, making every floral decision with the precision and confidence you want on your wedding day. She has a natural way with flowers that will turn your fete into a flowery vision in no time—so whether it’s a winsome elopement or an extravagant bash you’re after, Sarah’s handiwork will masterfully transform it into the occasion of your dreams.

Photography: Kate Osborne

To learn more about Sarah, visit her website →

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