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Fact #1: People love pizza. Fact #2: People love good design. What happens when you combine the two? You get a spot that’s good for your palette and your palate. True True Pizza in Toronto has married these two marvelously and proved it’s definitely true when they say “you’ve never had pizza like this before.” Emphasizing the craft of the pie, this Toronto team sources local ingredients, takes their time and piles on the creativity both on the plate and in the restaurant space. Boldly taking on the "other guys," this spot is ready to show you the way to pizza paradise.

Get ready to have your Friday night ritual get a major makeover. 

Photography: First Time Things

A Piz-za Your Heart

You love pizza and you have your go-to spot. What makes this pie a must try? The pizza crafters at True True don’t cut corners and allow the dough to rise for 48 hours, for starters. What does that mean for you? Soft, puffy crust with the perfect amount of chewiness. Topping options are just about endless, giving you the power of the pizza. And every pie is personal sized so everyone gets exactly what they want. 

Photography: First Time Things Lauren Schroer

The Design 

Toronto’s interior design scene is on point - colorful, modern and innovative, spots around town are bursting with inspiration. True True is no exception. Marble top tables, mod brass light fixtures, ornate ceilings and pale pink walls turn this pizza joint into a design destination. Paint it pink and they will come.

Photography: Girls Just Know | thatsoteeThe Lust List 

What You're Having 

True's menu has two parts to the pizza puzzle. The first is their hand designed pizza, all with irresistibly adorable names such as the "The Aristocrat" featuring garlic confit, pesto and arugula or the "Date Night" starring BBQ sauce, dates and chicken breast. Second is the make-your-own section. With over 40 mix and match options, every belly will be full and happy. Top it off with regional wine or craft beer and you have yourself a night. 

Photography: Yael Pullan | Inspired By Nick


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