Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
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The Springs

The Springs, Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA, United States

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It can be easy to disappear into the dark, indulgent pulse of Los Angeles. Dim dives, tasty taquerias. It’s a sanctuary for the weird, the wild, and the heavy. But come the bright strut of a Southern California morning, the sunlight’s ripping you and everybody with bad blinds to shreds. And then the night owls and early birds alike converge onto The Springs, and bodies are redrawn.

The Springs goes by many descriptions: urban oasis, warehouse-turned-wellness-center, eco-vegan-mind-body-one-stop-shop. And they’re all apt. The health chic hot spot has the makings of both lounge and lazarus pit. Everything on the menu is organic and vegan, a stylish cuisine helmed by executive chef Michael Falso. The lone non-vegan exception is the occasional usage of raw honey, a choice made for the ingredient’s medicinal properties. However, even with this rarity, management ensures the honey’s sourced from sustainable apiaries operating with great care for the bees and the environment. All food is served raw, with nothing heated over 118°, in order to maintain the food’s full nutritional value and enzymatic quality. Meanwhile, a nearly guiltless wine bar awaits (if such a thing exists)! Guests can choose from a varied list of sustainable, biodynamic wines from along the west coast, or go with one of the many organic beers on tap. It’s a day-drinker’s nourishing paradise. In daylight, the place takes your breath away with shape and color like a vixen’s sundress. At night, it dazzles in lamplight like the last affordable hideaway from the world. And, overall, The Springs counts as the most adorable place that could survive a nuclear winter.

HOW WILL MY GUESTS GET HERE?:Near the corner of Mateo and 6th, there’s a small lot out front as well as street parking.

HIGH SEASON: Year-Round (this is LA)
FOOD SERVICE: Provided by the Venue
BAR SERVICE: Provided by the Venue
VIEWS: Downtown atmosphere
VENUE SPACES: Indoor & Outdoor
DECOR: Industrial Chic


The one-of-a-kind venue is the right sort of open: breathing room without emptiness. Holiday, birthday, and anniversary parties could easily bop along without feeling cramped or abandoned. Wedding ceremonies and receptions would be a wise choice too, given the offshoot areas that don’t wander too far from the rest of the establishment.   Colors. Gray industrial walls work as a mellow base, so that the venue pops with sprinkled accents of yellow, red, and turquoise. Sleek wooden shelves and tables add to the spot’s balance, giving it the appearance of a toned-down 1960s sketch of what cool bars were supposed look like in the future.

Already well-seasoned in live music, The Springs warmly welcomes it. There’s a standard curfew of 2 a.m., but if there was ever a place for guests to sober up, The Springs is as close to a late-night shaman healer as you’re get in the City of Angels.

Perfect for:

  • baby shower
  • birthday party
  • bridal shower
  • charity event
  • corporate event
  • holiday party
  • social event
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole


The Springs’ wellness center could detox a New York City sewer. Schedule a cleanse or hydrotherapy appointment with the on-site professionals, and you could revitalize your circulatory system, strengthen your colon, and heighten your senses. Massages are also available, ranging from reiki or cranio-sacral to a style specifically developed to help pregnant women with pain management and relaxation techniques. Your choice of treatment doesn't have to be as physically involved as a massage though. Sign up for the Trager Approach, and you're in for a gentle, natural process of improving mental clarity and physical well-being. Whatever your preference, you can show up to The Springs feeling like a criminal and leave as light and unburdened as a saint.


Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole
Spring Up For Healthy Fare At This Holistic Watering Hole

1. A stylish Stretch - Encourage your individuality and inner peace by indulging your practice and yourself with the iconic colors & styling of an inspired yoga mat. Hand painted Design by Sophie Leininger | Anthropologie | 2. Embrace the flavors -  Utilize the organic fare that flows freely at The Springs. Use veggies in your design, not only will it help to incorporate colors in your invites or marketing materials, it paints the perfect picture of of what your fete is founded on. Design by Marta Spendowska  Watercolor painting & business card design for  Holli Thompson  | 3. Do a DIY - for your décor. Nothing says celebration like a little brightly colored garlands to liven up the space. Even though the springs is brimming with brights, bring your own and create the space that just wont quite to celebrate your newly engaged gal or perhaps that big buy-out of your small little startup. DIY Blog


  • Tucked away on The Springs’ wellness menu is the Bartholomew Method, which combines herbal heat packs and hot stones to open the body’s energy meridians. Following a full-body 90-minute session, the feeling upon exit ranges from rejuvenated to borderline ethereal.
  • There's an item on the menu called "Nacho Salad," a dish every American has dreamed of since childhood.


  • Always rooting for the little guy, management keeps a working relationship with local purveyors, such as Blacktop Coffee and Kenter Canyon Farms.
  • An on-site certified colon hydrotherapist provides personalized one-on-one dietary and lifestyle consultations.
  • Highly experienced yoga instructors teach more than 45 classes a week, including hatha, kundalini, nia, and power flow.
  • Your nervous system will thank you, with acupuncture and infrared sauna sessions available.


Little Tokyo:

Just a few blocks over, the thriving historic district offers a totally different Los Angeles, boasting cultural eateries, shops, theaters, temples, and more. Events, exhibitions, and group activities are always happening in the bustling district. Little Tokyo.

Walt Disney Concert Hall:

You can’t miss it. Home to the L.A. Philharmonic, the concert hall’s exterior looks like the last city of hope in a post-apocalyptic movie. Yet the interior carries the appearance of a palace functioning inside the world’s largest, most beautiful tree. Plus, the performances are unreal (and classy). Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Last Bookstore:

With the space of a chain bookstore and the spirit of a quirky neighborhood library, the celebrated labyrinth of literature is home to some of the best book aisles on the west coast. A must for any bookworm. The Last Bookstore

Images provided by The Springs LA

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