Sunday Bruch Bucket List Of The Week: Meet us at Patch in Australia
Cortnie Fausner
byCortnie Fausner

Imagine being invited to a nice Sunday holiday brunch celebration with Paleo inspired food in a industrial high-ceilinged restored cafe. Dreamy? Yes. This 'Seasons Eatings' are brought to you by this little patch of heaven in Melbourne. Welcome to the #SundayBrunchBucketList of the week at Patch Cafe. 


The Report

Situated within the heritage restoration of Studio 9 in Richmond Melbourne, co-founders Tom Davidson and Jacob Burke have brought their love of clean eating to the Melbourne community with Patch Café where the mantra is Joy + Happiness = PATCH. 


The Design

The contemporary yet cozy design has a dash of Scandinavian minimalism and boasts glossy 60's era tiles in hues of black and blue. There is a long bar counter crafted from concrete, brick walls and scalloped awnings that emit vibes of strolling through an outdoor farmers market. 

Designed by Studio You Me, Patch is all together "inviting, warm and values unpretentious elegant simplicity at its core." Their goal with the design is to create a  "relaxed and memorable food experience." 



Currently Craving

Pretty much everything below, talk about a major case of #MenuEnvy. Our favorite standout items are: 

  • The Breakfast Salad - chopped kale with broccoli, mint, avocado, almonds and pomegranate served with a poached egg
  • Kombucha - New flavors each week. 



Menu Envy Right?! Hearty and healthy fare with lots of egg options for you big yolkers out there. The best part is that you and your guests will not find yourselves wrestling with holiday regret after your family style feast at Patch. 

Ok, now that you have seen the menu above, look at it come to life with this shared brunch...



Host a Holiday Brunch Gathering! 

Yes, celebrators, gatherers and brunch lovers you too can host a delightful feast that looks like this. This glorious image will not just remain in your Pinterest folder labeled 'Party Goals'. Nope, you can have the real deal because what really takes Patch over the top, is the fact that you can "skip the stress of hosting your celebrations and book a merry Patch Clean-eating Breakfast / Lunch instead!" The cafe has set up pre-determined holiday menus and dates where you can host a brunch akin to this stunner. 

There are a few available dates from November to December left to book your brunch gathering, so giddy up!



So, wanna meet us at Patch Cafe?

Photos + Venue: Patch Cafe 


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