Sunday Brunch Bucket List: Meet Us For A Proper British Breakfast at Berners
While we're mostly apt to while away our Sundays simply, tucked into a couple runny eggs, clinking salt-rimmed glasses with our group after a splendid Saturday night, sometimes we'd love to be those ladies...
by Katie David Bush

While we're mostly apt to while away our Sundays simply, tucked into a couple runny eggs, clinking salt-rimmed glasses with our group after a splendid Saturday night, sometimes we'd love to be those ladies who lunch and we need a spectacular spot worthy of just that. Just a hop, skip and a jump across the pond, we're putting on our Sunday best and brunching at Britain's Michelin-starred-chef-driven mainstay, Bernars Tavern.


Berners Tavern Exterior


"Under the direction of celebrated michelin-starred Chef Jason Atherton, Berners Tavern is a gastronomic gem in a truly breathtaking setting." And how. Luxuriously living within Ian Schrager's London Edition Hotel in Fitzrovia, setting foot into this perfect place is a pearl-clutcher all on it's own. Schrager's imagined this setting as a "new kind of gathering place" and it's old-world inviting, with a twist - much like the menu. Sunday brunch runs from 12p-4p and it's one of the most sought-after reservations in town.


Berners Tavern Food Drink


Besides a perfectly poached egg, Berners boasts a design pedigree including the likes of winning GQ's "Best Restaurant Interior of 2015," AA's "Restaurant of the Year 2014" and Elle Decor's "Best Restaurant Interior of 2014." And it deserves every single accolade, because the interior is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Firstly, let's talk about the old-world style, evident by the eggshell white walls that seem to soar infinitely into the heavens, reminiscent of a 15th century culinary chapel. And look up baby, because the ceilings literally sing with sweet and intricate etchings that frame the mocha-colored bar perfectly. Much like heat, here the light rises and it's an instant mood brightener. 



Here's where the twist comes in - the walls are curated in perfectly placed gilt-framed art - like the most gorgeous gallery wall of all time. Instead of uplighting one or two works, much like a museum, the curated collection likens itself to a designer's English countryside haute home. Classic but cool.  



While you know we're suckers for sweetly placed design and thoughtful curation, the food... oh the food is just as fine. All of the fresh fare is sourced locally within England and driven by a chef who curates his plates much like the restaurant's design - old world-inviting and with a twist. For the haute and health-conscious choose to start your Sunday with a dairy-free smoothie or fresh pressed juice - try the coconut water, mango and lime smoothie which is just as refreshing and restorative as it sounds. But if you're like us, you'll take your smoothie with a side of spirits (this is called balance, right?) - and their cocktails are seasonal and sourced locally - just like the food. Quintessentially English, try the "Quice Spritz" - Quince liquer, grapefruit and prosesco for a bit of a bubbly brush with brunch heaven. Served in spectacularly beveled glass and adorned with eidble florals, it's almost... ALMOST too pretty to drink.


Photo Credit: Jason Bailey Photography


Menus are magnificently divided into "Sweet," "Salads," "Savoury," "On Toast" and of course, our personal favorite "Clarence Court Eggs." For our haute and hearty eaters (we're with you) needing more traditional and heavy English fare try the Brioche French toast with streaky bacon and maple syrup for a sugary sweet surrender to Sunday. For the savory lovers among you, try the luxurious Confit Duck Hash Brown with poached Burford brown eggs. Dishes are served piping hot in sweet saucepans or in twist-off jars, cocktails made with "Coco Pops Milk" and arriving in glass cartons with retro straws. Yes, really.


Photo Credit: Candids By Jo

Berners Tavern is a place for our kind of ladies who lunch - like pairing a chanel bag with a pair of Chuck Taylors. And we encourage you to do just that. Grab  your guys and gals and brunch with the best in the bustling dining room, or book the dark, moody and super chic private dining room for fourteen. You will sit in rose colored chairs under a historic skylight and feast on a dark walnut table. 



Driven by a Michelin-starred chef with a sense of humor - it's gorgeous enough to alight any Insta-feed, inspire any design junkie or fabulous foodie, but it's serious pedigree has a cheeky sense of humor and toes the line between reverence for the tradition and a love of retro straws. Which trust us, sipping slowly from a stripey straw in this kind of setting is all kinds of spectacular. Oh and don't forget to use #BreakfastAtBerners. You know when a place has it's on b-fast hashtag it's sure to be the brunch of champions. Sip, sip hooray!


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