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Poshtels: The Chic Place to Be With New Friends
Jake Kilroy
byJake Kilroy

Hostels usually mean adventure and community, but not exactly amenities or privacy. On the other hand, luxury hotels typically mean pretty much anything you want, but lack a sense of charm and all too easily isolate you. That’s why “poshtels”—indeed a combination of “posh” and “hostels”—are this season’s big trend. A balanced approached to lodging, poshtels offer the quaint, loose vibes of togetherness alongside the chic, intriguing stay not overrun by wandering party animals. Poshtels are where you go to have classy stays with new friends. Here are a few killer digs.

Freehand - Chicago, Illinois; Miami Florida

With a place to stay and live well in Chicago and Miami (and a soon-to-be spot in Los Angeles), Freehand lodging was created for a new breed of jetsetters. These U.S. hot spots welcome the charming and spunky with their innovative design and award-winning cuisine and drink selection. The best part about these different sort of hostels, if you could even called them that, is the offering of local, exciting culture in a down-to-earth, community atmosphere.

Generator Hostels - Western Europe, Several Locations

Giving up a glorious place to stay in just about every big city in the Eurozone—with Paris and Barcelona racking up especially beautiful reputations—Generator Hostels are the stylish spaces that step out of wild or legendary origins to go beyond a traditional hostel. Ranging from a Beatles recording studio to a waterfront craftsman grain house, these renovated getaways invite guests to become a dinner party crew, even just for a moment, as long as you have a taste for good art and great cocktails.


The Independente - Lisboa, Portugal

Found off the beaten track—as all good things are—this modern collection of suites isn’t quite a hotel (no mini bar, room service, or valet). Instead, The Independente’s a modern getaway that welcomes one and all to enjoy a stay with acquaintances-turned-friends-turned-family. Vibing like a bed and breakfast, the place offers up a lounge and two popular on-site restaurants to build your network of happy hour repeaters.


Kex Reykjavík, Iceland

Downtown Reykjavik blooms with this snug, welcoming balance of vintage industrial and totally original struts the line of hostel-hotel. Furnished with salvaged materials, Kex is a wild variety of dorms and rooms that keeps its amenities beyond mundane with a lounge area, a breakfast buffet, a gastropub, and an old-school gym. This renowned inn’s also within a stroll of swanky cafés, museums, shops, and music venues.


Superbude - Hamburg, Germany

With two locations, Superbude doubles its hospitality and welcomes you like family, whether you’re a large group on adventure or a couple on a romantic getaway. Each room offers up the comfortable hostel-like stay you need with the hotel-like tech you want. Enjoy funky accommodations while being surrounded by celebrated eateries. 


Matchbox Singapore Singapore

Here’s a place of grand history to welcome you. Originally a temple and meeting hall for Cantonese immigrants, this modish three-story conservation shophouse takes a definitive step beyond just “hostel.” The brightly colored loungey spot gives you the chance to mingle while resting your head comfortably. Set up on Ann Siang Road, Matchbox Singapore is the place to be, surrounded by trendy cafés and bars.

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