Harvest Party Inspiration from A Free People Glamping Gathering
If this gathering were a song, it would be "Bohemian Rhapsody" by the British rock band Queen, where the writer Freddie Mercury "played the beginning on the piano, then stopped and said, 'And this is where...
by Cortnie Fausner

If this gathering were a song, it would be "Bohemian Rhapsody" by the British rock band Queen, where the writer Freddie Mercury "played the beginning on the piano, then stopped and said, 'And this is where the opera section comes in!' Then went out to eat dinner." The intro of this sweet song would be the magical backdrop of Mother Nature herself in palettes of washed coppers, terracottas and jagged terrain. The ballad segment would be the gathering of girls swapping stories, laughing, having fun and bonding over the experience. Then comes in the operatic passage, the sharing of a family style feast under the starry sky which leads to the hard rockpart. The girls dancing and connecting over fashion, food and fun which soon drifts into the reflective coda, the soul cleansing sunset and flickering of the candles as everyone retreats to their tents with full bellies for a deep peaceful slumber. 



This event actually took place during a balmy Summer night, but the color palette in shades of brown with pops of deep sunset orange, the shared meals on rustic wood platters, the dried floral arrangements and effervescence of the girls energy piercing through the photos, emits a strong holiday harvest party vibe. 

Not only was this creative milieu filled with chatter over the open landscape, but this venue and environment are very near and dear to our hearts. We have had a crush on Moab Under Canvas since it's inception and have been lucky enough to have cultivated a strong relationship with the marketing gal, Pam. She is a true dear and we heart her quite a bit over here at The Venue Report. 

With the changing of the leaves and the seasons we had to share this stunning setting with you all. One part beautfiful harvest party, plus one of our favorite brands (Free People) and one of our venue crushes equals a mighty winning combo. Get ready to make your Pinterest boards as full with Fall gathering inspiration, as your belly will be this holiday season. 



We chatted with Maria Camila, the photographer who captured these stunning images about her personal experience at this dream gathering. 

TVR: Tell us about some of the highlights of your experience at the venue?

Maria Camila Photography:Free People organized a two-day retreat where we disconnected from technology and were encouraged to talk to focus on our surroundings. It was cool being with girls that were all on the same vibration but we came from different places. And durr, we were with Free People, playing dress up in the desert eating yummy food and having photo shoots.



TVR: Were there any areas you thought lighting was the best?

Maria Camila Photography: Sunset. Golden hour felt like we were in a dream world with saturated skies and warm sun. Once the sun was below the horizon all the blues and magentas spread on the sky into the most beautiful gradient ever seen. May just be my personal opinion but it is definitely worth experiencing it.



TVR: What additional types of events do you think it's ideal for?

Maria Camila Photography: Retreats, workshops, group getaways, and yes dinner parties. It’s a perfect spot to come with your friends, turn your phone off and enjoy the views. The stars at night are also worthy of night adventures.



TVR: What made the venue a great backdrop and setting for photos?

Maria Camila Photography: The teepee’s were awesome! It was an editorial at all times, it wasn’t a staged set up at all. Everywhere we would walk there was a special spot for photos. Even their lobby tent was super hip and cool.



TVR: What was your favorite existing design elements of the venue?

Maria Camila Photography: The tents.



TVR: What makes both the area + the venue a good destination for a group getaway or event?

Maria Camila Photography: The tents are all close enough to each other that your group can split up into three or four in one tent.



TVR: Did you meet anyone at the venue that you connected with or made a lasting impression?

Maria Camila Photography: The guys that run their security were all really nice. They also gave us good information on what hikes to take or what other activities we could do. Some girls stayed longer to explore more of the canyon lands. Aside from the actual venue, Free People really made it an amazing experience and they made us feel at ease even though they’re such a big brand. The most memorable thing to take away is that we are all just people regardless of how glam social media makes us look. 



TVR: Any special drinks or eats you had in the surrounding area?

Maria Camila Photography: We had yummy food that was made on the spot by Ramblin Rose Café. They had the cutest ‘67 trailer and most of the food was cooked on a dutch oven. I would highly recommend them, it was AMAZING.



TVR: Why didFree Peoplechoose this venue?

Maria Camila Photography: It’s the perfect glamping experience, just a couple of minutes away from diverse hikes and hours away from the city. It’s isolated yet practical enough to balance adventure with commodities.



Frock and roll!  As the sun set over the rocky skyline, these boho babes were buzzing from the energy of shared meals, laughter and new friendships. We'll drink to that. Peace & Elbow Grease. 

Photography: Maria Camila | Event: Free People | Venue: Moab Under Canvas


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I'm a self-taught lifestyle photographer that is fascinated by genuine interactions. At the same time a big fan of staged editorials and well done projects. Born in Colombia and raised in Salt Lake City, I love people and culture. I love the underdogs and those under the radar - who shine no matter what. - Website

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