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This Ranch Wedding Will Make You Want to Get Married in the Morning
Jené Shaw
byJené Shaw
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Spain Ranch

732 e 116th St, Jenks, Oklahoma, United States


Who says weddings have to be on Saturday afternoons? This Oklahoma couple decided to do things a little differently and opted for Sunday morning nuptials at Spain Ranch, a 44-acre property outside of Tulsa with a contemporary barn, horse fences, a pond and bison roaming the tree-covered property.

The massive A-frame barn set a sunny, romantic tone for the a.m. ceremony, complemented by bridesmaids in a rainbow of pretty pastels (men wore suspenders and bowties) and a low-key brunch following the ceremony. If we know one thing to be true, it's that this white-out barn will give you the warm-and-fuzzies inside.

Photography by Kelbert MacFarland.



Can you give us a quick background on the couple?

Ryan and Rebekah are the kind of couple that I'd travel across the world to document the major moments of their lives. Their charm and great looks, as well as sweet and kind spirits, make my job quite easy.

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What was your initial reaction to doing a Sunday morning wedding?

I was a bit alarmed at first. All photographers are always thinking about that "evening golden hour" not knowing that the morning sun has its own special offerings. I quickly discovered the magic of mornings at Spain Ranch. The wedding became one of my favorite experiences. There was something special about professing love right as the day began. It's as if the soul hasn't been weighed down by the burdens of the day and the words are pure and honest. 


How did they choose Spain Ranch as their ideal venue?

If I'm not mistaken, when the couple and I met about their wedding I highly suggested Spain Ranch as a place for them to check out. There's something about the grounds of Spain Ranch that's quite inviting and peaceful. They fell in love immediately and found a way to make it happen.

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What was your favorite part of photographing the couple at this venue?

There are the obvious spots on the Ranch that everyone is drawn to but it's the hidden, undiscovered gems that I'm drawn to. I'm honored to have an image of mine from Ryan and Rebekah's wedding grace the opening page of Spain Ranch's website. This image was captured at one of those hidden gems. The morning light is so magical there as well. It's soft and undisturbed. Who wouldn't want to marry there? Who wouldn't want to photograph there?


And how was the food?

The morning brunch was provided by Ludger's Bavarian Cakery. They just happen to make my favorite cake. I have it every birthday!

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Photography by Kelbert MacFarland

Created in partnership with Spain Ranch.



Kelbert McFarland
Kelbert McFarland
Kelbert McFarland Photography
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

I specialize in Film Photography and Fine Art Photography. I am passionate about capturing those unscripted, unplanned moments. I find those images are always the ones that provoke such fond memories of that special day I am based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I'm happy to travel for your wedding, whether it be here in the states, or abroad. - Website

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