Stay in a Luxury Island Hut Off Norway's Epic Coastline
When it comes to “Heaven on Earth,” people tend to think small. It’s easy to consider joy in recent, local experiences—a friend’s backyard, a community garden, a nice day at the beach. But if you and your...
by Jake Kilroy

When it comes to “Heaven on Earth,” people tend to think small. It’s easy to consider joy in recent, local experiences—a friend’s backyard, a community garden, a nice day at the beach. But if you and your friends or family have ever been in the same room when a photo or video of Norway pops up, it’s as if everyone is seeing Earth for the first time. It’s a mumbling of wows and sincere promises of future trips, yet given how untouched the green hillsides and blue waters are, it’s hard to believe there’s ever been a single person in Norway. But you can go there. You can actually visit Heaven on Earth. Better yet, you have the opportunity to spend your birthday beneath the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights, all in a stylish space that gives you all the comfort and activity you could possibly want.

This week’s #BirthdayBucketList is the gorgeous 55-acre island that is Manshausen—or the seaside cabins that make up Manshausen Island Resort to be exact. We’re talking magnificent and contemporary luxury huts that have floor-to-ceiling window walls to ensure that you wake up and go to sleep with the Norwegian sea and mountains in full view.



Total Nature, Full Comfort

Designed by architect Snorre Stinessen, the coastal huts present the impression that you’re outside in the breathtaking work of Mother Nature—she surely spent some extra time on Norway—while melting into the cozy comfort of a home away from home that hangs over the water. Each hut has a specially designed bathroom and kitchen in corian, along with two bedrooms that feature double beds and an alcove for children.



Spectacular Sights

A stay at Manshausen Island Resort means you're surrounded by stunning islands, intriguing islets, white sandy beaches, and glorious mountains. Plus, you have the Midnight Sun in the summer and the Northern Lights in the winter. Just a few hundred meters from the tiny picturesque village of Nordskot, Manshausen Island Resort is a well-protected harbor paradise that leaves all the time in the world for exploration.

The Great Outdoors

Steigen in Nordland County is honestly a haven for sporting activities, no matter what season you decide to escape to the Grøtøya Strait. Just across the fjord from Lofoten, Manshausen Island Resort is your ideal headquarters, where you can take serious advantage of such varied terrain and curious waterscapes. You can take on kayaking, cycling, climbing, snorkeling, and diving in the summer and conquer snowy hiking in the winter.


"December is a time of great weather in Steigen. What's better than to enjoy a warm cabin and see the thunder storm outside. Remember, we also have open in Romjulen and cover long table on New Year's Eve. A great opportunity to enjoy a team with good friends and good food at Manshausen." - Manshausen Island Resort

As You Like It

Your adventure is entirely up to you at Manshausen Island Resort, whether you want to stroll nearby islands and lounge in the salt-water pool and sauna or traverse up the mountains for an unbeatable, unexplainable, altogether unforgettable view. The only thing you can’t really do here is have a bad time.

An Impossible Birthday to Beat

I mean, come on, you can spend the night of your birthday sipping a warm boozy drink on an enclosed deck, after kayaking through other-worldly passages, only to behold the Aurora Borealis, where glowing colors pretty much tackle each other and tumble across a surreal night sky.


"Let's focus on getting a little closer to nature. The Sea and the mountains gives awesome experiences and yellow things look food on your plate. At the end of the day can you sum up the evening with dinner at the ranch house with your family and friends." - Manshausen Island Resort


How is this not on your bucket list already?


Photos courtesy of Manshausen Island Resort

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