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Luxury Bedding Brand 'Parachute' Just Opened a Hotel in Venice Beach That Turns Guests Into Locals
Jake Kilroy
byJake Kilroy

Parachute has famously put customers to bed in the coziest linens with their heads atop the softest pillowcases. The bedding company's founder and CEO, Ariel Kaye, was inspired to deliver luxury comfort to bedrooms across the country following a picturesque stay on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. There, after an exhausting day taking in the glories of the colorful seaside paradise, she crawled into bed and it was like sinking into dreams. It was the bed every traveler wishes for, the one they forever hope awaits them after an extraordinary day of hikes, bites, and rides. That’s why the woman who gave us the softest sleeping experience ever is taking things up a notch—by opening a hotel.



A Soft Stay at a Chic Place

Yes, the home essentials brand is no longer limiting their keen design to residences alone. It’s only fitting, as, after all, the brand was roused into existence by travel. Although only recently opened, The Parachute Hotel is already on its way to becoming a neighborhood staple of Southern California's eclectic cultural hub of Venice Beach. As a guest, you're basically surrounded by independent bars, eateries, and recreational hot spots. In fact, Kaye is more than happy to recommend her absolute favorites. Whether you want killer organic Mexican food, a lesson at surf school, or a secret bar a la Mad Men, she’s got you covered.



Grand Designs, Sharp Décor

A minimalist penchant for lighter shades of tans, grays, and whites is bolstered by the right pop of deep, rich colors throughout. The furniture is unique but not curious, the vibe fresh but not forced. Everything has its place at Parachute Hotel and such a clean, open aesthetic leaves you with the anticipation of a breeze at any given moment. Put another way, this is the hotel you’ve been searching for, the one with all the makings of a weekend stay at the beach house of your most well-traveled, down-to-earth friend.



Live Like a Local

The Parachute Hotel has everything an out-of-towner could want to transform into beach regular. Kaye and crew pride themselves in the features and amenities of the hotel, so that you’re as much traveler as you are neighbor.



Photos: Parachute Hotel

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