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Only One Day in Bangkok? Here's What You Should Do.
Photographer Teal Thomsen recently took a wander through the streets of Bangkok's old town district and found a cafe-meets-flower-shop where beautiful bakery goods and delicious coffees are served in abundance. Her visit...
by Alyssa Brown

Photographer Teal Thomsen recently took a wander through the streets of Bangkok's old town district and found a cafe-meets-flower-shop where beautiful bakery goods and delicious coffees are served in abundance. Her visit to Oneday Wallflowers was nothing short of sweet -- especially with that takeaway brownie she scored -- and the photos she's sharing below make us think there may be a few hidden moments of magic in Bangkok.

For those making the trek, Teal has offered up a whole day's worth of things to do in the area. From noshing on Chinese comfort foods or Spanish tapas to sipping specialty gins and walking through local shops and galleries, your agenda is basically sorted below. Oh, and she's spilling the deets on what to order.

How was the overall experience?

Tucked in the historical Chinatown district, sits Oneday Wallflowers, a functioning floral shop, cafe, and cocktail bar. As you step off the quiet lantern lined street in Old Town, you enter a dark and moody but bustling workplace. Various twines, wrapping papers, and cutting utensils line the walls and through a window to the room adjacent you see shelves of jars overflowing with colorful stems and blooms. After you’re done ogling the floral arrangements and potentially purchasing one for yourself, head up the creaky wooden staircase to the cafe and bar. Here you’ll find a hideaway to a bold and creative crowd, scribbling in journals, discussing the exhibition at the gallery around the corner, and no-doubt, those taking photos of every beautiful baked item that comes out of the NANA Coffee Roaster Cafe. Hip locals lean against the walls with perfectly peeling paint and cascading greenery as they sip their pour-overs.

At night the rooftop bar is a hot spot in the Soi Nana area and serves up craft cocktails such as the “Old Fashioned Boy” with cold brew, espresso, orange ginger, topped with mandarin orange, burnt cinnamon and rosemary.

What did you order? 

Before taking a seat at the bar overlooking the multilevel cafe full of natural light and foliage, I ordered Malou sun brew bottled tea in Oolong Lychee Lime and a brownie wrapped in parchment, tied with twine, and adorned with fresh flowers (of course).

How did you find out about the cafe?

I found out about the cafe while doing some digging on what neighborhoods to shop and eat in for local and artisanal goods. When I came across the neighborhoods known as Bang Rak or the creative district, and Soi Nana in Chinatown, I went wild scribbling notes and addresses before setting off on my own to get lost and hopefully find some cool shops and eats on the way. It was a major success. Oneday Wallflowers is in Chinatown, a nice walk from Bang Rak. It lies on Soi Nana, an unassumingly edgy and artsy street of cafe’s, galleries, bars and places to rest your head.

What are some nearby recommendations of sights, shops or things to do? 

• Cho Why: Contemporary art gallery in a corner shophouse a few doors away from Oneday Wallflowers.

• Aoon Pottery: beautiful handmade pottery studio, shop, and small cafe!

• Tep Bar: Cocktail and tapas bar with a focus on local music.

• Teens of Thailand: The mainstay in the Soi Nana area! A specialty gin bar putting a Thai spin on your classic G&T’s.

• Pijiu Bar: Craft beer bar featuring a rotating draught menu and a large selection of bottles.

• Ba Hao: Chinese comfort food, bar snacks, cocktails and beer. Ba Hao is also home to two gorgeous airbnb apartments!

• Asia Today: By the founder of Teens of Thailand, a new cocktail bar with a spotlight on indigenous Thai ingredients.

• El Chiringuito: Spanish tapas bar which also hosts two vintage inspired airbnb units upstairs.

• 103 Bed & Brews: Beautiful coffee shop, bar, and hotel right around the corner from Oneday Wallflowers.


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