Modern Wedding Romance Set in Old Scottish Highland Church Ruins
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown

We recently had a little chat with the amazing photographer and videographer Liron Erel about a wedding he captured in the Scottish Highlands and it has us all starry-eyed over this stunningly beautiful part of the world. Set in an old castle that dates back to the thirteenth century, this wedding is like a walk back in time.

A bit bohemian and more than a little stylish, this couple exchanged their wedding vows in the walled ruins of an old church on the grounds of Blair Castle that looks straight up to the sky. Guests dined in the main castle and ended the night with a dance party even J.Lo would be jealous of. The starkly beautiful contrast of the couple's wedding attire (bright blues & sequins, hello) with the stunning natural backdrop and foggy day conjurs up a scene usually reserved for a massively curated editorial piece. As we say around here, sometimes, life just gets it right. 



Not only can you marry or plan the most special of events at this ancient & magical place, but encouarge your guests to stay on property at one of the luxury lodges surrounded by enchanted forest & gardens. Depending on the time of year, guests will enjoy tennis, fishing, hiking, cycling, Land Rover Safaris and plenty of family-style dinners where bread is broken, memories are made and laughter lingers like the embers of a fire in the inky blackness of the night.

Words + Photography by Echoes & Wildhearts - Visual Memories by Liron Erel 

It's a Scottish Highland castle, what else is there to say? It's just like in the movies - only better!


Blair Castle
Beautiful Blair Castle Wedding
Blair Castle Arch


Why is this a good setting for a wedding/gathering? 

This place is just epic, from the huge trees surrounding it, to the castle itself which is so majestic and old. The reception room is breathtaking with its decor and old items


Beautiful Wedding at Blair Castle
Scottish Bag Piper at Blair Castle
Blair Castle


Is there a special standout feature of the property you loved? 

The ruined chapel where they held the ceremony. It felt like a Braveheart scene. 


Beautiful Blair Castle Wedding
Beautiful Blair Castle Wedding
Beautiful Blair Castle Wedding

Beautiful Blair Castle Wedding
Beautiful Blair Castle Wedding
Beautiful Blair Castle Wedding


Where is the light best to shoot? 

The sunlight was coming and going from in between the clouds, as it does in this part of the world. We had amazing soft daylight throughout the day and magical sun flares from time to time.


Beautiful Blair Castle Wedding
Beautiful Blair Castle Wedding


Did anything special or extraordinary happen this day?

Any fun tidbit that stood out to you. The all-vinyl dance party was definitely a highlight. Seeing people dancing in the huge, beautiful reception room was amazing.


Wedding at Blair Castle
Wedding at Blair Castle
Wedding at Blair Castle


Blair Castle is one of many Scottish Highlands castles, and with an age of over 700 years, it’s certainly one of the oldest. The grounds are pretty incredible, with gardens that have been maintained since the 18th century. Mostly, what we love about this venue is the grandiosity of it. It’s regal and gorgeous and the romance factor is kicked up a notch by its age and storied past.


wedding at Blair Castle
Wedding at Blair Castle
Wedding at Blair Castle
Wedding at Blair Castle
Wedding at Blair Castle in Scotland



Venue: Blair Castle | Photographer & Videographer:  Echoes & Wildhearts - Visual Memories by Liron Erel  | Florist: Coach House Flowers | Bride's Dress: Simon Ekrelius | Hair: Rochelle Jolley | Make Up: Siobhan Harper-­Ryan | Groom's Attire: Suitopia | Favours: Edward & Irwin Chocolatiers | Band: Cairn String Quartet 


Liron Erel
Liron Erel
Liron Erel Photography
, Israel

I am international portrait and wedding photographer, with a strong documentary style and approach. In my work – I focus on capturing the essence of the wedding – A true celebration of love, happiness, good friends and family. I blend within the crowd, thus making the photography un-noticeable. You do your thing and i will be there to capture it as it happens. My inspiration comes from music, cinema, fashion and my travel adventures around the world. I love working with creative couples who share these passions as well, and together can create a one of kind piece. Lets make some magic. - Website

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