It Pays To Behave: A Hotel That Will Review YOU!
'Oh Beeeehaaaave!' You know the infamous line belted out with a glorious accent by Mike Meyers in Austin Powers. Well now's your chance. An Australian hotel group has turned reviewing on its head. Its staff has been given the...
by Nicole Lyons

'Oh Beeeehaaaave!' You know the infamous line belted out with a glorious accent by Mike Meyers in Austin Powers. Well now's your chance. An Australian hotel group has turned reviewing on its head. Its staff has been given the power to praise or shame a customer's lodging behavior. The Art Series Hotel Group  has launched a campaign to gain better guests. 

Websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp have made it easy for patrons to grade accommodations, amenities, customer service and food, but there was no forum for members of the hospitality industry to speak back out about YOU - until now.



Through May 31, staff at the Art Series Hotel Group’s six hotels will be performing Reverse Reviews on participating guests. The grading system is on a five-star scale with 5 being the top score. Those who receive five stars will receive a free night’s stay. Up to 144 people can win the one-night voucher valued at $185. The campaign, meant to be light hearted and fun, also reminds guests of proper hotel etiquette.

"Think you're the perfect hotel guest?" the hotels' ad asks with the tagline, “It pays to behave."

The program comes on the heels of a study commissioned by Art Series Hotel Group on the behavior of guests at Australian hotels. Galaxy Research questioned 1,054 people, revealing such information as: One in 10 people steal items like bedding, irons and light bulbs from hotels and 20 percent have walked in front of a widow naked (eww!).

Read guest reviews on the hotels' Website. They are wittily written and highly entertaining. Here is a five-star review taken from The Cullen hotel that made it onto their Facebook page.. See? it pays to behave! It's almost as cool as getting a gold star in school, but this is the social media grown up version. 



And here are more Reverse Reviews composed by the witty writers at the hotel group: 


Joanna - 5 Stars: Checked out April 23

"Joanna was very chatty upon arrival, eager to engage and gave reception her full attention. I mean for a minute we felt like the center of the universe. We're not sure if Joanna's friends verbalize this to her on a regular basis but we hope they're aware they orbit a unique solar system of good vibes."


Vanessa -4 Stars: Checked out May 17th, 2015

"Vanessa told us that she’d been reading Reverse Reviews on our website and wanted to play the game. Vanessa, this probably means you’re reading this right now and … my word, that is a divine top you have on. And do you always do your hair like that? It really works. Thank you for giving us all your attention while with staff, it was a privilege. It - to use industry parlance - gave us tingles. All the best."


Jackie - 2 and 1/2 Stars: Checked out April 19th, 2015

Our experience with Jackie was a bit of a Sliding Doors scenario, we must say. Upon check-in the tall, blonde and smartly dressed Jackie was friendly, nice, all the rest. Upon check-out she was time-poor and impatient. Now who are we to say what transpired across those days. Maybe a heel caught on the tram line? Maybe the alarm didn’t go off on time? Maybe a dog was crushed by a passing street-sweeper and its entrails were spat out at Jackie just as she was passing the horrid scene in her nan’s favorite white linen one-piece? We don’t dare dream. But Jacke: we’re all in this together. Get some sleep? 


So the premise is you can still have fun, but PLEASE don't trash the room or steal things. Leave the bed sheets, irons, light bulbs and towels where you found them please. Not TOO much to ask right?!



How does one receive a perfect score? Art Series Hotels suggests the following tips: Be pleasant at check in, check out on time, keep dirty towels in one pile and jump on the bed (yes, it's encouraged believe it or not). Another suggestion from the Art Series Facebook page? "Nothing charms like a freshly picked bouquet. Shower us with flowers and we'll shower you back with stars."



Do you think you would receive a perfect score? What do you think about the Reverse Reviews concept? Love it or hate it?

Photos: The Art Series Hotel Group 

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