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Nilaya Hermitage: Wanderlusters Wed in Gorgeous Indian Hideaway Above the Arabian Sea
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While minimalism may be a strong trend in both design and weddings in 2016, less isn't always more. India's rich cultural heritage dictates the more color, the more art, the more dancing and the more singing equals the best kind of magical "marry"-making! But, more isn't simply more in the case of Beirut-born couple Narina & Tarak's beautiful I-do's.

With the help of wedding planners Cherry On Top Events, they chose layers of marvelous more in the form of rich marigolds and magentas, colorful string lights, long feasting tables with mis-matched turquoises and pops of prints with dare we say it? A minimalistically "more" touch. The results? A very modern Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band at a gorgeous gem of a spectacularly gritty & secret Indian seaside gathering spot, NIlaya Hermitage, in Goa. We had a chance to sit down with wedding photographers, Sean & Melanie Flanigan of A Fistful of Bolts who were on-hand to cpature the explosions of joy that you'll soon see, simply radiate from their beautiful images.


Gia Wedding


Words + Photography by A Fist Full of Bolts:

This venue was like a vacation from a vacation. Goa offers everything someone may be looking for in a holiday - warm weather, sandy beaches, and plenty of places to party. With that said, being able to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city to relax was just the icing on the cake. This venue is like an oasis tucked away amongst the palm trees & isolated from the rest of the city. The food is incredible & the staff is beyond welcoming. The rooms are elegant & comfortable.  


Goa Wedding
Goa Wedding
Wedding in Nilaya Hermitage Goa
Wedding in Nilaya Hermitage Goa


Why did the couple choose this venue?

The couple knew they wanted to get married in Goa -- it was their wedding planners, Cherry on Top Events, (also known as the "Cherries") that turned them on to this venue. They spent a weekend there together and the rest is history.


Goa Wedding
Goa Wedding


Tell us about the venue in general? Location, capacity, etc..

Nilaya Hermitage is just outside of the city. You drive up a windy dirt road before you arrive at the gates. It's large sprawling layout allows for 70+ of your closest friends and family members to come and enjoy your wedding weekend. Equipped with a pool, massages, tennis court, and restaurant, your guests won't have any trouble making themselves right at home.


Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa
Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa


Tell us a little bit about the event you photographed?

This event was by far the highlight of our 2015 season. Our couple, Narina & Tarak are from Beruit, but when they settled on having their wedding in India, they went all out Indian Kitsch. Sparkling Ganesh were hanging from the trees, their was a custom painted tuk-tuk sitting in the center of the reception which doubled as their photo booth. They had Bollywood films being projected on one of walls throughout the entirety of the event.  Narina wore an Indian Inspired wedding dress while Tarak was dressed in a full on Sargent Pepper mash up. As you arrived, their was a turban wrapping station where everyone received a turban of their choice.They served traditional Indian food which was cooked up right in front of you and served buffet style. Everything down to the silver wear was custom painted or hand picked off the streets in Goa by their wedding planners. 


Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa

Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa


What made this venue an ideal location for the event?

This venue is incredible. It's hard to say what exactly stood out about it. The space is open -- it can easily be transformed into whatever you like with as much or as little details as your heart desires. Either way, this space has such a special ambiance. 



What do you think makes it a great venue in general.

Nilaya Hermitage is beautiful. It's old, so all of the little imperfections of the architecture are charming, yet the rooms are so modern and chic.


Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa
Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa
Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa
Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa


Were there any areas you thought lighting was the best?

The space is open with nice pockets of shade.


Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa
Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa


What made the venue a great backdrop and setting for photos?

There is a lot of texture, a lot of foliage, and the space was very open - so there was a lot of room to work with. 


Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa
Wedding at Nilaya Hermitage in Goa


Favorite existing design elements of the venue?

The most unique thing about this venue was the grit -- it was old & charming. It made for a very pleasing aesthetic.



Any special drinks or eats you had in the surrounding area?

This is India -- the food is the best part. Be adventurous. 



What makes both the area + the venue a good destination for a group getaway or event?

India is unique in its own sense. It's full of life and color. It's a place everyone should experience at least once in their lives.



Did you meet anyone at the venue that you connected with or made a lasting impression?

The entire staff was extremely welcoming and helpful. 




Venue: Nilaya Hermitage | Photography:A Fist Full of Bolts| Wedding Production & Planning:Cherry on Top


Sean and Melanie Flanigan
Sean and Melanie Flanigan
A Fist Full Of Bolts

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