Take a Plunge Into One of the World's Deepest Indoor Swimming Pool
For the underwater lovers with an itch for adventure, celebrate your birthday 108-feet deep in the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool. Take the plunge at Nemo 33, explore the pool's underwater caves, and even get scuba diving...
by Scout

For the underwater lovers with an itch for adventure, celebrate your birthday 108-feet deep in the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool. Take the plunge at Nemo 33, explore the pool's underwater caves, and even get scuba diving certified. If flying solo does not tickle your fancy, get a group to join in the underwater festivities and dive into the depths together. 

To give us an even closer look, we parterned with Kevin Deldycke (videographer and diver) to share more about his personal experience diving with Nemo 33. 

Safety First in a Sea of Blue

Dive knowing that the only way to get into the deepest indoor swimming pool is safety first. With rules and procedures in place to create a safe diving and swimming environment, you can celebrate another year in good hands.

Hey Kevin! Tell us a little bit how you entered the world of diving.

My girlfriend and I felt at one point the urgency of exploring the world out there. One day we randomly chose a destination far far away, figuratively spinning a globe and prodding a finger at it. We ended up in Seychelles, and quickly realized there was as much to see under water as there was on land. So we enrolled in scuba diving lessons and got our first-level certification. We instantly both fell in love with the diverse and colorful environment the ocean offered us.

That was 5 years ago. What started as a simple side-activity of our holidays became the center and sole motivation of our far-away escapes. We now take any opportunity to dive deep into any waterbody, from atolls to ponds! But back home in Belgium, far from the ocean, how could we satisfy our thirst for the big blue? That's when we discovered a secret shared by all our fellow divers: Nemo 33.


Photography: Daan Verhoeven


Become a Certified Diver

Have you always had dreams of exploring the ocean’s reefs and lagoons? Become a certified diver under the guidance and instruction of a Nemo 33 instructor. Learn the ways of the water in the 108-feet deep pit.


What should one know before they deep dive at Nemo 33?

Kevin: Because of its unusual architecture and design, you need to be certified to properly explore the whole space of the pool. It requires an advanced level to get to the bottom of it, at a world record depth of 33 meters (hence the name).

All the gear is provided, and you just need to bring your swimsuit and towel. The pool is mainly populated by scuba divers and free divers. Still, it is open for regular swimmers and there's a couple of special sessions for babies and water aerobics. All are welcome!


Photography: Nemo 33


A Mermaid Restaurant Experience

Nemo 33’s Thai restaurant has two options: dine at one of their tables or look in from the indoor pool through glass windows situated along the wall of the restaurant. Eat with floating divers passing you by or dive and peak into what the land-folk are up to.


What was your overall experience like diving at Nemo 33?

Kevin: Nemo 33 is an unusual place worth visiting for all divers. You'll find yourself in clean and clear water, with perfect visibility. Waters of this caliber are hard to come by in a natural environment. But the best part of it is definitely the temperature. At 30+°C, it feels like diving in a blue lagoon, somewhere on a remote island. Only the white sandy beaches are missing from the picture! All in all, you'll get the best of both world: the comfort of an indoor pool with the quality of tropical warm water!


Photography: Nemo 33


Included: Adventurous Friends

Have your friends along for the birthday ride. Nemo 33 offers private events and group diving sessions. Nobody wants to take the plunge alone!



Original Video Footage by: Kevin Deldycke | Post Production Editing by: The Venue Report

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