See Why Your Next Dinner Party Needs to Be at an Oyster Farm
Pinterest aficionados have surely seen the enviably bespoke "secret suppers" put on by Danielle Firle and Eva Kosmas Flores filled with food that looks almost too good to eat alongside beautifully understated decor in a stunning (and...
by Nicole Bradley

Pinterest aficionados have surely seen the enviably bespoke "secret suppers" put on by Danielle Firle and Eva Kosmas Flores filled with food that looks almost too good to eat alongside beautifully understated decor in a stunning (and secret!) location. For those that are just being introduced to these coveted events, Secret Supper brings adventure in the form of food and friends to the Pacific Northwest. The goal of each supper is to seamlessly blend design, food and atmosphere so that every event has its own personality.

This particular event took place at Hama Hama Oyster Farm just outside of Seattle. In selecting this specific location, Eva and Danielle were inspired to design a menu filled with local seafood, create table arrangements made of driftwood and seashells and incorporate blue water tones into the decor. Read on for the inside scoop on this "Salt + Stone" dinner party from the hosts themselves. Let's get shuckin.'

You throw so many beautiful suppers and workshops, what influenced this unique design?

We pull so much inspiration ultimately from the location we choose to have the dinner. In this case, we were on an oyster farm on the Hood Canal outside of Seattle. So we had some pretty easy inspiration in terms of design: oyster shells, beach grasses and beautiful blue water tones. We wanted to honor the area and pull in these elements into our design. 

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Where did you draw your inspiration from?

One of my favorite things about our planning process is that we let the menu influence the design and the design influence the menu. And then the location influence it all. Sounds a little confusing but it is important to us to make the whole evening cohesive. We want to honor the setting with our design and menu so it feels right that we are gathering there. For this dinner, in particular, we named it Salt + Stone. Salt because of the salty ocean water and stone because of the oyster shells. We used handmade dark grey ceramic plates made by a local ceramicist which carried that stone theme and tone onto the tabletop. We also foraged for driftwood and oyster shells and incorporated florals that felt very 'ocean-equse'. 

Why did you pick this location? Was there anything significant that made this location stand out from past events or other potential venues?

I actually lived in Seattle for close to seven years (just moved to Portland in April) and have always been in love with the Hood Canal. In fact, my husband, dogs and I would take day trips out to Hama Hama and the peace of the canal and amazing oysters always got me. We have always had dreams of a dinner out on an oyster bed. Besides the fact that Hama Hama's location is incredibly beautiful, they are known for their quality oysters, farming practices and are a 5th generation family-run shellfish farm.

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What was the inspiration behind the menu and drinks? Was there a hit dish or drink from that night?

Our inspiration was definitely the sea and oysters! We live shucked fresh raw oysters from the farm and also grilled oysters as starters. For the first course, we served a Northwest clam chowder, complete with Hama Hama clams, smoked salmon, marble potatoes, and a fennel nage. To make it extra special, we served the chowder in a cast iron pot and placed hot stones in it at the table to bring it up to a boil and quickly cook the clams to ensure their flavor was as fresh as possible. It was quite the beautiful and steamy surprise for our guests! 

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Photography: Eva Kosmas Flores | Venue: Hama Hama Oyster Farm

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