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This Hair Of The Dog Cocktail By Barçon Cocktail Co. Is Sure To Cure Any Hangover
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byThe Venue Report

Oh New Year's Eve - What a night! You've danced (and drank) all evening long and somehow stumbled your way into bed... Party dress still on, glitter in your hair and not even thinking about the after effects that will soon come after the sun rises. We've all been there. The morning after an epic New Year's bash can be rough. 

That's why we partnered with Barçon's Mixologist, Eric to create a "Hair of The Dog" Cocktail that would trump all others containing the perfect set of ingredients that will nurse you right out of your unbearable state. 


this hair of the dog cocktail is perfect for the morning after New Years



2oz of nitro stout
.75oz Woodford reserve bourbon
.75oz Zaya Rum
One white of an Egg
Maple cured bacon

Add the bourbon, the rum, and the egg white into a tin and give it a dry shake for 30 seconds. Next add ice and the nitro stout and give another gentle shake for 15 seconds. Pour ingredients into a Collins glass and garnish with a thick cute maple cured bacon strip.


this hair of the dog cocktail will cure those morning after hangovers


Substitute: If bacon isn’t your cup of tea, add crumbles of milk chocolate atop the foam of this cocktail for a sweeter delight. Also, when choosing your rum or bourbon, feel free to use liquors that are more to your liking. (i.e. more wood forward bourbon, or a spiced rum). Also, try using Young’s Double Chocolate stout for your nitro stout selection.


this hair of the dog cocktail will cure those morning after hangovers



In my industry, I have definitely seen better mornings, and I needed a pick me up. For some reason, tomato juice in the morning made me more nauseous, than cured a hangover, so I decided to make my own cure to that ailment. This cocktail has it all, bourbon and rum quickly heal the headache, while the chocolate or bacon give you a much needed fix of flavor. I also find drinking a creamy stout is much more pleasing to the stomach.




Cocktails by Barçon Cocktail Co. | Glassware byHostess Haven  | Styling + Art Direction by The Venue Report 

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