This New Greek Island Hotel Is Perfect For Group Trips And Bachelorette Parties
Youth can surely be kept or revisited. It just seems challenging to us given how easily we’re distracted by our busy lives. But it turns out you can be as vigorous and spirited as ever when you’re doing life right at a...
by Jake Kilroy

Youth can surely be kept or revisited. It just seems challenging to us given how easily we’re distracted by our busy lives. But it turns out you can be as vigorous and spirited as ever when you’re doing life right at a Mediterranean island resort. Seriously, how could you not feel at your most sprightly while riding a bike along a sparkling golden coast in Europe?

This week's trending topic is Casa Cook Hotels, an oasis for laid-back, trend-conscious travelers. It’s a place that will cure any blues and inspire even the most exhausted globe-trotter. After serving the Greek Island of Rhodes supremely well, it’s time for fellow isle Kos to see what the fuss is about when Casa Cook’s second resort opens this summer. The hotel and its staff cultivate an inviting free-spirited vibe with lush vegetation, broad walkways, wooden decks, pergolas, and handmade objects. Whether you're after relaxing solace or fun community, lounge areas and oversized tables ensure that you’ll have the vacation, group getaway, gathering or bachelore(ette) bash of your dreams at Casa Cook Hotels.

Photography + Hotel: Casa Cook Hotels



Your Sanctuary Awaits

It’s safe to assume you’re at or near your best while hidden away in a private poolside veranda. Toss in some comfy pillows, a few hand-picked accessories, and an altogether warm bohemian atmosphere, and joy and tranquility are practically guaranteed. To seal the deal, though, you also have access to a sunbed or a hammock.



Hang Out at Kitchen Club, Where All Your Needs are Met

In the grand local tradition of sharing food, conversation, and laughter, Kitchen Club proves to be a sparkling haven for hanging out. Serving "sun-kissed food for the soul,” from spetsofai to smoked melitzanosalata, Kitchen Club is a tiny world where the hotel’s bar, restaurant, and pool seamlessly merge and everyone is welcome.

Here, the staff is more than ready and prepared to bring meat-eaters and vegans together, always fusing passion with the purest ingredients, regardless of the order. Beloved Meze dishes are spun with a twist by Chef Manolis, much to the delight of tourists and locals alike. Yet, the menu also revels in a killer lineup of go-to favorites, such as wood-fired pizza, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, and fillets. Plus, there’s a dessert menu with features like chocolate soufflé, vanilla panna cotta, and millefeuille.

Lounge out and bliss out on small plates at sunset or roll in after sundown for an evening of music. Just make sure you don’t miss out on Kitchen Club.



Look Your Best, Feel Your Best

It’s hard not to feel your best when you're living the good life in a sunshine-drenched paradise. In fact, such a revitalizing experience compels you to strengthen your core so you can enjoy the world for longer and on a deeper level. That's why you can start or round out your day with an invigorating yoga class at Casa Cook Hotel. The lessons take place on an open-air terrace, with group and individual classes both offered.

If that's not your particular scene, there's also a well-equipped gym with cardio machines and weights. Whether you need a full-on guide or just a few pointers, a personal trainer is on site and ready to engage. And then there's the old-fashioned workout routine: hiking. But at least this hike comes with a personal trainer and ends in a monastery.



Rest Easy, So You Have the Energy to Explore!

While simply draping yourself in a chaise lounge chair or swimming beneath a grinning sun is pretty dang enticing, there remains a lot to see on Rhodes and Kos. How your vacation goes is entirely up to you, but, hot damn, it’s likely the best to relax and go on adventure!

For starters, you can sail island coastlines and dive into the cobalt waters of a peaceful bay. How can you pass that up? On Rhodes, there's also the opportunity to hike to Seven Springs or explore Old Town. And more adventure awaits on Kos!


Photography + Hotel: Casa Cook Hotels


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