Real Women Report: The Founder Of Taste The Style Just Opened New York's Coolest Wellness Destination
This week's #RealWomenReport is all about one of our favorite girl bosses that just opened New York City's newest wellness hot spot. Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton and her team of innovative wellness seekers saw a need in the bustling streets...
by The Venue Report

This week's #RealWomenReport is all about one of our favorite girl bosses that just opened New York City's newest wellness hot spot. Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton and her team of innovative wellness seekers saw a need in the bustling streets of NYC when it comes to on-the-go TLC for busy people. Cyndi sought to bring, "a downtown escape for city dwellers seeking a modern path to total relaxation with style, character, and ease." Well, this beautiful (and totally convenient) spot does just that. Chillhouse brings the trifecta of a day well spent to the Lower East Side with a cafe, nail and body focused menu with a light and airy, yet modern vibe designed by EAU.

No stranger to the hustle of entrepreneurship, Cyndi is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Taste The Stylea lifestyle blog and brand for the modern working woman. With a forward thinking mindset, Cyndi has a keen eye for discovering unfulfilled markets (on more than one occasion) and expertly offered a solution with her savvy girlboss style. We caught up with her about her newest endeavor on brining well deserved R&R to The Big Apple. 

Photography + Words: Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton of Chillhouse



Tell us about your new baby, Chillhouse!

Cyndi Ramirez-FultonChillhouse is a brand spankin' new café/spa in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We're pairing a wellness café with manicure and massage services. It's escalated levels of chill, so you will. 


What inspired you start the company? 

Cyndi: My husband and I were looking for places to get massages and were underwhelmed with the options! Everything was either too cheap and seedy or expensive and a big production. It got us thinking how there isn't a space in NYC that promotes the art of relaxation in a modern, approachable way. That's where the café and manicures came in. For most New Yorkers, getting a morning beverage is part of our routine, and for women manicures are sometimes a weekly to-do. To me, pairing these three services gives basically everyone an option to come in and choose their chill.



Take us through the process of starting your own brick and mortar location. 

Cyndi: No day is the same. It's so hectic, and anyone who has ever opened on their target date, please show me your ways! There are countless to-do lists, and so many questions. But honestly, I wouldn't have been able to do this without my husband and his expertise to lean on. He's been integral in this process and is a mentor of mine for life. 


For every Girl Boss, there is always highs and lows... Tell us about a time when you felt discouraged - How did you push through? 

Cyndi: I felt that way today, actually. I almost quit for the day -- couldn't handle the stress for a hot moment. But sometimes it really just takes a deep breath, a step back and just realizing that there's no turning back so the only way to move is forward. That's pretty much it. Thank God I love what I do. 


How have other females helped you along the way?

Cyndi: I don't know where I or my businesses would be if it weren't for the powerful community of women in my life. Women like you! Supporting other women is EVERYTHING. I've done a lot of that throughout my career, and people remember this and they support you right back. I'm also so lucky to be surrounded by creative, passionate women with countless talents. I have no problem asking for help and have certainly dipped into my network for all sorts of work-related projects. And vise versa! It's better this way, no?



What's your best piece of advice for other women who want to start a business?

Cyndi: It all starts with inspiration. Go get inspired. Then go find people who inspire you and work with them. 


How do you support fellow female entrepreneurs today?

Cyndi: From featuring them on Taste The Style to answering questions via email. I like to think I do my part, but am always trying to do more. Would love to host more events in 2017. Stay tuned... follow Taste The Style and Chillhouse, y'all. 



Can you give us one inspiring quote that you turn to, when times get stressful or tough?

Cyndi: Good question! I don't have one specifically but one that sticks out is "it's all going to be okay." Simple, to the point, and true. 


Proudest moment through this journey? 

Cyndi: All of it, but one standout was winning the Best Lifestyle Blog award by Bloglovin'. Our opening day is also a BIG ONE!




Photography + Venue: Chillhouse

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