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This Open Heart Yoga Sequence Is Just What The Doctor Ordered For Your Galentine's Night In
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Namaste, ladies it's time to celebrate those special gals in your life and take some time to revel in sisterhood. What better way to celebrate Galentine’s day than to gather your bests while being active and laughing over trying to nail yoga poses with wine in hand. We ventured to Stargazing Desert Retreat to embrace the full experience. 

Pregaming for International Women's Month with one of our women crushes and Philadelphia Yoga Instructor, Sarah Kunst. Sarah has been inspiring us for years as this Girl Boss not only leads women into being the best versions of themselves through discovering their inner peace alongside an active lifestyle, but she is also incredibly talented. After years of marketing experience in the fashion industry, Sarah transitioned into the world of freelance and continues to crush it as a photographer, teacher and candle maker! Lucky for you, she's sharing one of her very own Valentine's Day Open Heart Yoga Sequences. Grab the wine, ladies - Let's do this!


Heart Opening Yoga Sequence By Sarah Kunst


Start with a heart melting hug with your friend (or a stranger) 

Supta Baddha Konasana (one hand on our heart / one hand on your belly)
Table Top
Cat / Cow 
Wide Cobra
Sun A x 3 (Mountain, Forward Fold, Half Lift, High to Low Plank, Up Dog or Cobra, Down Dog)
Sun B x 3 (Chair, Forward Fold, Half Lift, High to Low Plank, Up Dog or Cobra, Down Dog, Warrior I, Warrior II, Extended Side Angle + bind or Bird of Paradise)
Wild Thing 
Crescent Moon (with bind or backbend)
Crescent Lunge 
Crescent Lunge Vertical Twist
Exhalted Crescent Lunge 
Yogi Squat 
Standing Backbend with Partner 
Dancer's with Partner
Tree (with backbend or bind)
Half Moon
Wide Leg Forward Fold (with bind) 
Twisting Triangle 
Locust (with bind / chest opening)
Floor Bow
Wide Cobra
Fish (with blocks - one between shoulders / one under head) 
Cow Face / Heros (with bind)  
King Pigeon 
Single Leg Seated Forward Fold (with chest spinning up / open) 
Seated Forward Fold 
Happy Baby
Supine Twist



Images by The Venue Report 

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