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The Staycationers: Tips And Tricks For The Ultimate Valentine's Date With The Whole Gang (Boys Allowed)
The Venue Report
byThe Venue Report

This Valentine's Day we are taking notes from none other then The Staycationer's leading ladies, Cyndi and Celine. Ever wonder how you can combine Valentine's and Galentine's (say that 10 times fast) into the same night? These gals did it with class, style, no stress and are here to give us the scoop. 

NYC's very own sexy and sophisticatd The Smyth, A Thompson Hotel played host to The Staycationers and their beaus triple date and if one thing is for sure. Location is key to copying and pasting this night to remember with the ones that matter most - Your whole gang!

Photography by Vanessa Granda



OK - First of all, we are obsessed. The Smyth Hotel, your boys, good food, good gal friends - The Gangs ALL here! What was your inspiration for this classy/sassy rose filled stay at The Smyth? 

Celine: Valentine's Day! We went balls to the wall for that one. Ode à la Rose approached us, so we were like roses everywhere. We convinced our boys to join and suit up in Todd Snyder, and the rest was history. Eden Grinshpan and her hubby were such great sports. And the photos are iconic. Everyone loved that staycation.



You guys sure know how to dress up a tub and set the mood! Any tips for our boys out there wanting to impress their gals this Valentine's Day?

Cyndi: Why, thanks! Wish we could thank the boys for the decor that day but nope, haha. In my opinion, keep it simple. The classics are classics for a reason. And if you're in a sexy hotel, let that be the star. Luckily The Smyth has floor to ceiling windows which I find to be EXTREMELY sexy. As far as decor/ambiance, I'm a sucker for the classics: champagne, candles, roses, a sexy playlist, and if you really want to take it up a notch, there's no bigger panty dropper than chocolate-covered strawberries. 



For our Galentine's inspired readers out there... Any tips for making this their best Galentine's Day ever?

Celine: Just indulge in practically everything. That's what staycations are all about! Room service is key, and forget the pressure of going out and exploring (unless that's your passion). I think people forget that it's okay to just chill in your hotel room in a bathrobe for a while and order a $30 burger. Lots of hotels have spas, and if they don't, there's always the option to download an on-demand app and basically order a manicure or massage to your room. Also, take lots of photos.



Carmellini’s kitchen - Is this inside The Smyth Hotel? What should we eat?

Cyndi: I sadly didn't get to dine there because we ate at the bar for this staycation but check out Taste The Style's review of Little Park here. Our critic gave it an A, so you really can't go wrong! 



What was your favorite part about staying at The Smyth Hotel? 

Celine: Everything! I love that hotel, and Thompson Hotels is one of my most favorite groups. I always know I'm going to be treated like a queen when I stay in one of their properties. But The Smyth in particular has such a clean, distinct design, and I love its low-key vibe. Lots of celebs stay there for the privacy. There was also a massive terrace in our room when we did our staycay, so that's always a huge bonus.




Photography by Vanessa Granda

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