DIY: This Valentine's Day Card Alternative Is Perfect For Everyone In Your Life
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Valentine's Day as we know it is a dedicated to lovers, couples, besties and Mothers. Show them your love this Valentine's Day by swapping out a typical box of chocolates and red roses for something that says, "I know you too well." The answer is simple yet perfect. A box of pizza. But not just any box of pizza! It is up to you to put your spin on it. 

Stumped on a perfectly witty saying? Don't worry, this DIY comes jam packed with tips and sayings included. 





In search for the perfect way to tell your bestie their your numero uno? Speak their language... their pizza language. Show them you are their true ride or die with their favorite candy, treats and movie for a classic GNI (aka Girls Night In). 

Sayings for your pizza box: 
- You are my home slice
- I know, you know I'm down for whatever






The reality is, although we want that Valentine's Day shopping spree... we also just want pizza, in bed, served to us... in a pink pizza box with cute phrases that say something like this below. Oh also, candy and rosé. Perfect for this cheat day!

Sayings for your pizza box: 
- Meet me at the altar in your white dress
- You're also my true love
- romance was born





Now, we know there is a whole day exclusively dedicated to all the Mothers out there. However, one day is simply not enough. No love will ever compare to a Mother's - so send a little back with this spunky card altnerative. She'll open it up, breath it in and say, "You just get it, kid," as you're filling up her glass with bubbly. 

Sayings for your pizza box: 
- Grateful
- Hello, beautiful




Photography + Styling by The Venue Report 


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