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This Portland Based Photographer Shoots at the Most Unique Settings
Julie Pointer-Adams
byJulie Pointer-Adams

You’ll probably hear Laura Dart before you see her—with an infectious laugh and a knack for getting everyone bubbling into hilarity along with her, Laura is a natural choice for capturing your joy-filled nuptials on camera. With a special affection for unique, intimate ceremonies, Laura imbues a certain real quality into all of her images that matches her own expressive personality. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself considering her a dear friend after experiencing a wedding with her—whether you’re the happy, delirious couple or simply sipping Negronis at the reception. She has the extraordinary ability to pick out everyone’s best asset and to play on it, always bringing out the absolute brightest in all of her subjects.

Laura’s color palette is often a bit moody and muted (she lives in Portland, Oregon, after all) but given the right setting (i.e. a California golden glow) her images are light, airy and effervescent. From rural barns to desert expanses to oceanside ceremonies, Laura’s shot it all and each with a singular style and grace. In fact, the more quirky or out-of-the-box your ceremony and reception might be, the giddier you’ll find Laura. She thrives on thoughtful, artful occasions that step away from convention and tap into the extraordinary—hence the ceremony that took place in a cerulean blue pool (drained, of course). Whether traditionally elegant or ruggedly rustic, however, Laura will leave you with photographs that evoke the spirit of the day.

Laura’s sensitive eye and decidedly sentimental heart are the key to producing her photos with feeling—she’s not one to shy from emotion which is what makes her perfect for documenting your day. Her work is propelled by a desire for human connection and it inherently shows through every delicate, personal detail. In short, if what you’re after are love-drenched, radiant remnants with which to remember your wedding, Laura Dart is surely your gal.

See Laura's work first hand with this real wedding and dinner party she shot (both took place in an empty pool!) →

To learn more about Laura, visit her website →

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