Titilaka : Puno, Peru
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Head South for the winter because this global getaway is very popular around Christmas time (then again from March - August.) You will need a passport, a sleep mask, a bloody mary and good book for this trip. But it will be oh so worth the miles you will rack up on your frequent flyer program. Titilaka is the perfect venue if you "want to get lost" and to be in complete communication with nature.

Titilaka is a luxury, art filled eco-lodge and boutique property, located on its very own private peninsula with 4 acres of grounds. It is 20 miles  from the bustling commercial center of Puno, Peru. Titilaka is a tranquil oasis on Lake Titicaca, surrounded by the natural wildlife of the lake. The location is ideal for the party host who is an eco-lover and wants to witness the traditional lifestyles of the region's local villagers.

The building is an all-inclusive experience Lodge where most of the amenities and furniture have been made by local communities such as the Titilakas and the Copamaya (textiles). The building was completely restored and designed by Peruvian designers Jordi Puig and Sandra Masías, the concept is by Ignacio Masías.

PILLOW TALK: Titilaka has 18 suites, all have beautiful views of the majestic Titicaca Lake.

HOW WILL YOUR GUESTS GET THERE?: Titilaka is reached by car in 40 minutes from the Puno Train Station or 90 minutes by road from the nearest airport in Juliaca (JUL). Early arrivals arrive to the lodge on a scenic route by car and boat. This transfer is more of a two hour excursion that takes you on the Capachica peninsula and across the lake visiting the Uros Titino Islands and the National Reserve by boat.

HIGH SEASON: March - Aug
DECOR: Bright & Bohemian


GO BIG OR GO HOME: Do you want to host an extremely private event and give your guests the experience of a lifetime? Do you want to be right on the water with serene & soulful energy? Do you also want to make sure that this journey is eco-friendly and assists in helping the local community? Titilaka could just be that magical place to say your vows or renew them. The idea of Titilaka was to create the perfect space in peace and total harmony with the lake which seems like the perfect energy for a romantic, unforgettable event.

Titilaka is ideal for intimate events, because of the remote location and small public spaces. It has been used for small weddings and vow renewals in the past. If you would like to host a slightly larger event then you will need to rent the entire lodge. You and your guests can take over this remote location, almost as if it's your own private lake home! Carlos, our new buddy at Titilaka, said that brides & grooms in the past have booked the entire hotel, and have had the time of their lives. Their brides really loved the privacy and energy of the intimate spaces and magical setting.

TAKE A VOW: We heart the idea of hosting your ceremony on the lakefront deck. Set up rows of their wooden chairs crafted by the local artisans for your guests to sit upon and watch you exchange 'i do's' in front of the spectacular lake setting at sunset. Then carry the celebration into the dining room laden with bright stripes of hand-woven textiles, colorful pillows on lounges, art, and colonial antiques.

Perfect for:

  • corporate event
  • wedding ceremony
  • wedding reception
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru


Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap.... beep! Your camera is full, you better bring lots of memory cards with you, because shutterbugs, this place is for you.  Set between the rich contrast of dramatic red cordillera mountains, crisp skies and the intense lake, the Titilaka is a photographer's paradise. Colorful sunsets, dramatic sunsets and crisp starry nights complement its unique location.

The main bonus of the property is that everything is included throughout the stay, which makes this journey uber relaxing for you and your party guests. Titilaka will organize all of the excursions directly from the lodge to visit the Uros Islands, Taquile, weaving communities, Colonial churches of Juli and Pomata, the view of Aymara constellations, and kayaking, and bike riding.

CHEW ON THIS!: All the food served in the restaurant is made by the locals who work at Titilaka, with fresh Peruvian ingredients. Mr Glicerio is the head of the kitchen. International dishes are combined with Peruvian flavors and ingredients from Puno, typical from the Andes.


Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru
Titilaka : Puno, Peru

There is no need to lug your event decor by plane, train and automobile. Puno is a mere 20 minutes from Titilaka. Although Lima, Cusco, & Arequipa have great shopping,  Puno is one of the best places to load up on inexpensive colorful woolen and alpaca goods, including scarves shawls and blankets. In Puno you can buy small model reed boats, stone carvings, and alpaca-wool articles that would make for brilliant party decor that would blend seamlessly into the locale and setting.

1. Layer the the dining tables with the colorful woolen blankets sold in Puno  2. top the tables with traditional Puno pottery and fill them with local flowers or reeds. 3. The evenings can get chilly so purchase woolen ponchos for less than $10 USD each at the Puno markets. These would fabulous take home gifts for your guests!

Photo: Pottery via Visit Peru 


Carlos told us that that you MUST TRY their specialties, the Quinoa Souffle or Quinoa pancakes for breakfast and for dinner he recommends the Andean Style Trout. He also mentioned that they have two different happy hour cocktail times a day! Carlos advises that you take on one of the most original experiences while at Titilaka, which is going to the Punean Barter Market in Acora. What makes these excursions even more special is that they are guided by guides who were born and raised in Puno. Titilaka even has private access guaranteed to unique places.  NOTABLE PRESS: Titilaka is part of Relais & Chateaux, was featured in Vogue France March 2013; and has won multiple Trip Advisor Awards.  


  • Remote peace and waterfront location
  • The vibrant hand crafted textiles thrown onto lounges and chairs throughout the lodge
  • You and your guests can take over the lodge like your own private lakehouse!
  • Two cocktail happy hours a day!
  • The amenities at the property have been all made by the locals with Punean and Peruvian elements.
  • It is eco-friendly and contributes to sustainable travel
  • The hotel provides everything. I mean EVERYTHING!
  • Outdoor wrap-around terraces, an overwater deck and boardwalks
  • Reception, sitting areas, 3 Lounges, main dining room and fully stocked bars


Visit Copamaya Weaving Community:

Understand the lifestyles of typical weavers on this excursion. Copamaya is a lush and peaceful community, surrounded by a picturesque rocky terrain. A light hike on a rocky mountain takes you to the remains of an Inca Trail. Descend to meet Celedonio and his family, traditional weavers of the community.

Go to the Uros Floating Islands:

Travel by car & boat to visit the legendary islands of Uros to meet one of traditional families that live there. The people of Uros are a proud culture, who due to persecution by other groups found refuge by living on manmade islands many years ago. They claim to have "black blood," as they are immune to the cold.

Go to a local festival:

Puno is known as the folkloric region of Peru for its vibrant dances and rich colorful traditions. If you visit Lake Titicaca during one of the festivals, you absolutely must go to one. Here you will be able to see the typical dances, ancient rituals and distinctive dress that are used to celebrate the various local holidays.

All venue photos are property of The Andean Experience Co. //Bottom Row: woman on reed boat via Lucy I Do // women in the Uros Islands via Woofy

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