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16 Photos that Prove This Wedding Trend is Not Going Anywhere Soon
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


In the realm of all things trendy, plants have reigned supreme as the decor pièce de résistance in homes as well as at weddings and events. From party-favor-sized succulents to lush foliage tablescapes, all things green have secured their spot at the top of every party thrower’s wish list. Who’s leading the plant powered charge? Palms. They have been incorporated into all elements of design in the most creative ways, proving they’re not going anywhere soon ensuring all other flora species are green with envy.

From tropical cake toppers to palm adorned ceremony arches, even the colder seasons ahead can’t stop this movement. Forget the frost with all things warm and sunny this fall-winter or add a hint of glint with metallic painted fronds. Use this visual guide as a roadmap to inspire your next unbe-leaf-able gathering of any size, type or temperature.


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Transitional Gathering Dish
How to Build the Perfect Charcuterie Board
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by The Venue Report
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The Pearl Hotel

1410 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA, United States


Remember when we scouted the top three party trends of Summer? Now, the Summer-to-Fall trend forecasting continues with this iconic transitional plate perfect for warm or cool weather. One can simply never go wrong with this charcuterie board how-to.

That’s right. Switch things up at your next get-together with a build-your-own charcuterie board. Toppings and decor? Take it from the experts at MIHO Catering Co. and Hostess Haven serving up tips, tricks and inside look at what’s trending in the world of event decor.




To make your gathering even more fun, hand out wooden slabs to each person so they can build their own board!

Tip: Choose whole chunks of cheese and fun seasonal fruits (fresh + dried) like persimmons or stone fruit paired with nuts and lavender honey! You could even use these to incorporate other colors onto your tabletop display.

- Hostess Haven Founder, Farra Miron


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These Mid-Century Cinemas in South India Have The Best Color Palettes Ever
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown


We thought we knew a lot about India’s film scene, what with all the amazing Bollywood movies that have made their way Stateside in the past few years. But we were wrong. So wrong. In fact, we had never really given much thought to the theaters in which people might see these movies in India, and now that our eyes have opened we don’t ever want to shut them again. The color palettes, the mid-century architecture, the unusual mix of Western influences and local style – it’s a lot to take in and we love every bit of it.

Photography by Sabine Haubitz & Stefanie Zoche


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Historic Building
Ace Hotel : Los Angeles, California
Cortnie Fausner
by Cortnie Fausner

The Report

This venue is VRV (Venue Report Verified), we have personally visited this venue.

When we were invited to the Press opening of the new Ace Hotel, in downtown Los Angeles, we knew we would be greeted by the pearly gates of design heaven. Even Ace Hotel and Commune Design (the design house behind the new hotel) describe the aesthetic as the following "a singular experience, a collection of architectural and design references piled on top of one another. Gropius' office and the Bauhaus, Viennese cafes, Mission-style churches, Luis Barragan, Parisian modernism, Piet Mondrian, and Adolf Loos share space with each other, anod to the irreverence and "no holds barred" design attitude of Los Angeles in the 1920's and 30's"  There is so much delightful design going on at this new hotel/venue space that JUST OPENED in January 2014, that it was hard to condense into a singular report. But alas, here we go...

LA is not a place most people take easily; though the community is eclectic, there is one central theme that binds together the denizens and the various architectures of LA: wicked coolness. Now, us reporters don’t say the phrase “wicked coolness” lightly. To us, it describes something so ineffably “wicked cool” that words are hardly apt in description. It’s the overly-stylized visual sensations, the ambient sounds of chatter and automobiles, and sweet waft of olfactory pleasures that greet you as you walk through the grit and grime of the many LA streets. So, it’s only appropriate that Ace Hotel would take on the challenge of renovating a historic United Artists theatre into a fabulous hotel. Partnering up with Commune Design, Ace Hotel has breathed new life into the beautiful 1920s edifice that once was the hotspot of LA’s Broadway Theatre District’s modern renaissance. In essence, Ace Hotel takes contemporary elements that grip the fascination of new age elements in décor and service to complement the vintage history of LA.

HISTORY LESSON:  The ornate theatre was built in 1927 for the maverick film studio,  as a monument to a group of seminal American artists pioneering the way. United Artists co-founder Mary Pickford's (a darling of the silent era) had a love for the gothic detail of Spanish castles and cathedrals, which manifested itself into the design of the theatre.

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