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Why Bermuda is the Destination for Your Next Group Trip
Dylan Essertier
byDylan Essertier

In partnership with our friends at the Bermuda Tourism Authority

Little known fact: planning a vacation that will please everyone is possible. Actually, it can even be enjoyable! Bermuda’s stunning nature (think: pastel-pink sands and turquoise blue waters), great food, rich culture, scenic excursions, and proximity (it’s only a two hour flight from most major U.S. East Coast cities) make it an easy choice for even the most difficult of groups to get behind. Oh, and did we mention the national drink just happens to be the irresistible Dark ‘N Stormy®? Here, we round up a handful of reasons why this candy-colored playground promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for your next group trip.

Beachside Bonding

Thanks to the island’s abundant list of postcard perfect beaches, there’s no shortage of spots to soak up the sun. Our favorites include the popular Horseshoe Bay, a rosy hued stretch of seaside with coral reef-filled waters, as well as the slightly more secluded Jobson’s Cove, which is encircled by picturesque cliffs. Meanwhile, the snorkel-inclined should grab their flippers and head straight to Elbow Beach to glide along some of the island’s gentlest and most translucent waters.

Photography: Fair Travelogue | Jess MeyrickConor Outerbridge 

A Call to Adventure

Whether your group’s idea of adventure is a deep sea dive to explore sunken shipwrecks from the 1800s or an afternoon of rum tasting on a yacht, Bermuda has you covered. Get your heart thumping both above and below the sea with activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, whale watching, historical tours, world-class golfing, as well as the opportunity to explore the lush island nature reserve, Spittal Pond.

Photography: Conor Outerbridge

Spirited Stays

From large and luxurious resorts to charming family-run boutique hotels, Bermuda’s stays are brimming with a unique old-school sophistication meets breezy getaway feel. At the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, which recently underwent a two-year, $100 million dollar renovation, there’s no shortage of luxury, while the family-owned Reefs Resort and Club will charm even the most discerning traveling troupe. For our complete list of the best places to book in Bermuda, click here.

Photography: Conor Outerbridge | Mackenzie Horan | Ashley Rose | Casey McPerry

Vibrant Nightlife

After a pre-dinner drink at your hotel, head to the capital city of Hamilton, where you’ll find the island’s buzziest bars. Stop by the Pickled Onion, where a dance party is inevitable thanks to the popular bar’s live in-house band. For a little taste of history, stop by the Swizzle Inn, located on the island’s east end, where Bermuda’s famous Rum Swizzle cocktail was born. Looking to keep the party going? At Club Aqua on Snorkel Park Beach admission is $10 and the party (which has been known to feature foam) often lasts until 3:00 a.m.

Photography: Jasmine Kaur | Angela Baek

Zika Free  

In recent years, finding a sun-kissed spot without Zika has become increasingly difficult. Luckily, Bermuda has not been affected by the virus, which means if your group has any prospective parents in it they won’t have to be left out of the getaway. 

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