Winter in Finland, Through The Lens of a Travel Photographer
There’s always a kind of magic about that fresh snowfall, when everything is just bright white and perfectly dusted, with not a track in sight. Maybe that’s why these photos Beth Squire snapped in Finland are so breathtaking....
by Alyssa Brown

There’s always a kind of magic about that fresh snowfall, when everything is just bright white and perfectly dusted, with not a track in sight. Maybe that’s why these photos Beth Squire snapped in Finland are so breathtaking. Or maybe it’s simply because we spend too much hibernating and not enough time exploring during winter. Either way, we’re completely taken with the setting, this venue and everything about Beth’s travel photography. 

We recently caught up with Beth about her trip to the Arctic Treehouse Hotel and the photography adventure that came with it. If you enjoy daydreaming about making snow angels as much as we do, you'll have to add this spot to your birthday bucket list!


What sparked your desire to go to Finland?

I’ve always loved snow, probably because I never really experienced it that much as a kid, so that was definitely a big reason. I love everything about the snow, how fresh and clean it is, the sound it makes when you trudge through it with damp socks and cold feet and how it can completely change a scene. I’d never worked in conditions like I experienced in Finland, so it was nice to try something new. Shooting in a new location is always fun and I love to travel and explore new places, so that was another reason I chose to go to Finland.


Tell us more about your stay in the Arctic Treehouse Hotel :)

Even though this hotel is very close to the centre of Rovaniemi, you feel like you’re in your own little bubble, especially as you look out onto endless forests from your bed. The hotel itself was incredible, you stay in your own chalet, meaning there’s even more privacy, you can really forget you’re staying at a hotel at all. The best part, undoubtedly, was the window, which looks out onto nothing but trees. I really couldn’t think of a better place to stay.

While we were there we took advantage of the restaurant, they offered so many delicious meals it was hard to choose. The restaurant is in the same beautiful building as the reception and was the perfect place for an evening meal. Not only is there floor to ceiling windows that looked out across the trees but there is also an incredible fireplace in the middle of the room that everyone huddled around when they came in from exploring the cold, while sipping on hot berry juice. This definitely rounded off our experience with the Arctic Treehouse Hotel brilliantly.

I’d definitely go back if I was in Finland as I’d say it’s probably the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in!

What was the most memorable experience of your trip?

The whole trip was memorable to me; I had never experienced a place quite like it. Everything was a new experience, from trying to drive in a snowstorm, to working with my camera in minus 14 degree temperatures. My fingers might have almost dropped off on several occasions, which was definitely memorable, but it was an experience I’ll never forget. I have to say dog sledding was one of my favourite activities on the trip. The trail we ran with the dogs was a beautiful white forest and the only sound was the crunch of the snow under the dogs paws and the click of my camera as I tried to capture the moment.

What's the next destination on your radar?

The list of places I want to visit gets longer every day, with places vying for the top spot constantly, especially as the seasons change. At the minute I’d have to say New Zealand and Norway. They’re both places I’ve had my eye on for a while because of their amazing landscapes. I’d love to go back to Canada in the winter, I’ve seen it in the summer and it is outstanding, I can only imagine what it would look like covered in snow!

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Beth Squire
Bath, Somerset, England
Beth Squire is a British photographer who likes to capture moments of her travels. She studied photography at degree level and now her beautiful, landscapes and minimal lifestyle images mix her art with the natural environment. - Website

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