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You Can Go Swimming In One Of The Worlds Most Beautiful Sinkholes
Cortnie Fausner
byCortnie Fausner

Calling all water babes. Did you know that you can go swimming in what has been dubbed as one of the worlds most beautiful sinkholes? This particular sinkhole in Oman is so stunning it has been turned into a tourist attraction for the world to appreciate. Imagine swimming in a seawater sinkhole in the middle of the desert, dipping your toes in the emerald and tranquil teal waters as little fish nip at your toes (did someone say free fish pedicure?). If a day trip isn't enough, you can also go camping on the side of the swimming hole. This unforgettable experience is a true hidden treasure for adventurers. Set inside the Najm Park, there is free parking and no entry fee. The biggest barrier to you and your backstroke is a concrete stairway of 64 steps leading down to the base of the picturesque Bimmah sinkhole.  

The Folklore of the Falling Star 

How was it formed? Yes, we all know that sinkholes don't usually have a good rap sheet. They usually make the news for engulfing homes, cars and streets. So, this sinkhole is quite refreshing in more ways than one. What makes the story even more magical is that locals believe that this lake of turquoise water was created by a meteorite, ‘Hawaiyat Najm’ which means to ‘The Falling Star’ in Arabic and thus the name. 

When to go: Oman has a reliably warm climate and, as long as you avoid the scorching months between June and August you should be fine! We recommend heading here anytime from Fall-Spring (the most pleasant months are from October to April).

How to get here: Bimmah sinkhole is roughly two hundred metres inland from the Gulf of Oman. Stop on the way from Sur to Muscat or vice versa as it's roughly a 2 hour drive from Muscat. There is a sign posted from the highway and that can't be missed. There are also many tours organized by local hotels and tour operators. 

Where to stay: We recommend a stay at Six Senses Zighy Bay. This magical resort will share all that Oman has to offer with a focus on the great outdoors. Watch movies in their night time cinema under the stars, go paragliding, hiking, rock climbing, snorkeling and sunset cruises. 


So if you and yours are looking for a budget-friendly and otherworldly experience, head to the Bimmah sinkhole. This gorgeous geological formation is perfect for you adventurers looking for a picturesque swim in mother nature. 

Photos: Puko Muko Six Senses Zighy Bay

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