14 Beautiful Breakfast-In-Bed Ideas For Father's Day

Holidays get a bad rep for being stressful, complicated and a lot of work. We're here to put an end to that this Father's Day by going back to basics with dad approved breakfast ideas, all from the comfort of bed. Say buh-bye to complicated recipes, prep work and entertaining the whole family with these simple, fun and beautiful breakfast in bed ideas. Plus, download a special (and free!) gift at the end of this list!
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Make Kid-Approved Animal Pancakes & Deliver Alongside His Fave Vinyl Record

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Dad is the original hipster (remember those aviator sunglasses and short shorts?) and even though vinyl records may be what cool kids nowadays are into, good 'ol dad has always been into them. Get the kids involved with animal shaped pancakes for a breakfast in bed that will be sweet music to his animal ears.
How To: Animal Pancakes
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Let The Kids Get In On The Fun With This Breakfast In A Box

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Breakfast in bed may be fun or romantic but it's undeniably messy! Add kids into the mix and say bye-bye to your bedding. Enter this mom-approved solution: Breakfast in a box. With everything neatly contained and organized, it's mess free and easy for the whole family to enjoy in bed together.
How To: Breakfast In A Box
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Bring The Room-Service Feels With Coffee & The Newspaper

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Dad has been working hard and the family vacation continues to elude him. Bring hotel room service vibes to the bedroom. Nab a tray, a classic silver tea pot, coffee carafe and all of the typical hotel fixings (sugar packets, mini tabasco bottles, cream and the morning newspaper). Staycation hath arrived. 
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Create Your Own Tray With An Old Crate

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Let dad know you love him a waffle lot. Treat him to classic waffles, maple syrup and french-pressed coffee. Don't have a picture perfect tray to serve it on? Grab an old crate, turn it upside down and voila! You have a rough and tough tray ready for some indulgence... just like dad. 
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Homemade Apple Pie

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Mmm, nothing says 'I love you' like warm, homemade apple pie while still cozied up in bed (a treat for dad and the kiddos a like). One up the sugary cereals with dessert for breakfast because, let's be honest, we all crave something sweet in the morning. 
How To: Apple Pie
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Have A Breakfast Feast

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Feeling ambitious? Get really fancy with the kiddos and host a breakfast feast to rival a dinner party tablescape. Host it in the comfort of the bed or throw pillows and festive string lights on the floor. 
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Fill Up On Potato Hash Bowls With The Sunday Newspaper

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Does "always hungry" accurately describe a dad in your life? Fill him up with this hash heavy, ingredient packed breakfast bowl of potatoes, eggs, bacon, and arugula served up with the Sunday newspaper for the ultimate man's morning.
How To: Potato Hash With A Sunny Side Up Egg
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Dress Up His Fave Cereal With Simple Granola Bowls

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No need to overthink things. Simply grab his favorite cereal and dress it up with bananas and cocoa nibs or make homemade granola the night before to have it ready to go in the A.M. After all, what fun is breakfast in bed if it's too much work? 
How To: Banana & Chocolate Granola
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Get Sweet With Berry Pancakes

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Have your own pancake palooza complete with berry syrup, whipped cream, a LOT of fresh fruit and fresh juice for a sticky-sweet delight. Ride the sugar high and feel like a kid again with your belly full of Sunday morning's best. 
How To: Berry Pancakes
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Granola Pots, Flowers & A Book

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Quick brekkie idea: Granola Pots (think yogurt parfait) and avo toast. It's all about the display too. Use his favorite books as breakfast trays, pick some fresh flowers from the garden and voila! breakfast is served. 
How To: Granola Pots 
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Keep It Simple With Eggs, Avocado Toast & Coffee

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There's something to be said about the classics: eggs, toast and coffee. Serve it up as avocado toast (this doubles as keeping dad on-trend) for a quick and delicious breakfast in bed that any dad will enjoy. 
Inside Tip: Sprinkle red chili flakes on top if dad can handle the heat!
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Make Homemade Doughnuts Or Buy His Fave

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Looking to try something new that the kiddos can get in on? Make homemade doughnuts for dear 'ol dad and get the kids in on the fun or simply run out and get his fave for the quickest (and tastiest) Father's Day breakfast in bed yet. 
How To: Homemade Doughnuts
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Take It Outside (In Your PJ's!)

Have a big fam, live somewhere beautiful or just want to get outside? Stay in your PJ's, grab some blankets and, of course, your breakfast accoutrements and have a cozy breakfast picnic! Keep it simple or go all out depending on dad's dreams for his big day.
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