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14 Cannabis-Friendly Event Spaces That Let the Good Times Roll
We’ve noticed lots of restaurants and bars are getting in on the CBD action lately, garnering plenty of attention with pop-up culinary and cannabis events or simply adding a CBD-infused cocktail to their menu. Some of our favorite...

We’ve noticed lots of restaurants and bars are getting in on the CBD action lately, garnering plenty of attention with pop-up culinary and cannabis events or simply adding a CBD-infused cocktail to their menu. Some of our favorite venues are also offering their spaces as weed-friendly and open to celebrations of all varieties, and we’re seeing a number of fine dining chefs embracing creative uses of cannabis too. If you’re considering hosting a little something extra special, here are the top venues and restaurants currently riding the weed wave. 

Reporter: Alyssa Brown

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Four Moons Spa

Photo by Brandi Schutt
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Not only can you book a full-body massage at Four Moons Spa that uses cannabidiol-infused tincture and balm, but you can also host a weed infused dinner party at this spot. There’s a long dining table here that makes a gorgeous gathering setting.
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Ojai Rancho Inn
Ojai, California

Photo by Kelly Brown
A recent outdoor dinner at Ojai Rancho Inn guided guests through the use of CBD oil in food and drink. If you’re planning a private event with cannabis influence and want to be outside in nature, this could be a good place to do it.

Event by Calivolve
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Cafe Roze

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This cute East Side café does all-day dining in Nashville and you can easily dine here with a crew. For a CBD splash, head over in the evening and order a round of The Gateway, which uses Broker’s gin, hemp juice, lemon, egg white and Yuyo Botanics CBD oil.
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Bowman Cellars
Graton, California

Bowman Cellars recently hosted a dining experience with Cannaisseur rocking some major cannabis and culinary pairings. The Sonoma winery has a big, dope patio and garden space that works really well for private cocktail parties and dinners and you can work with your own catering team to sprinkle in the extras.
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Dream Nashville
Nashville Tennessee

Down to relax into your Nashville girls’ getaway? Grab the ladies and head to Dream for a Less Than Zero cocktail - a concoction of blanco tequila, Lillet, honey, lime, cherry bitters and CBD tincture with a garnish that’s a rolled and smoked CBD flower.
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Opal 28

Photo by Dina Chmut
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Portland’s Laurelhurst neighborhood sets the scene for this two-patio event venue with its own catering team and accommodations. Private events here are welcome to bring in things like a weed bar or cannabis infused cocktails.
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Madison on Park

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    San Diego’s Madison has a hemp infused cocktail on the menu known as the Mr. Nice Guy - a blend of Humboldt Distillery’s hemp seed infused vodka, mezcal, matcha, pineapple, coconut milk and lime. The beautifully designed restaurant makes a great gathering spot for a special occasion.
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    Harmony Chapel
    Harmony, California

    Photo by Kiel Rucker
    This gorgeous central California coast chapel is happy to host your weed-friendly wedding. They recently hosted a cannabis infused wedding with a canna lounge and tray-passed samples of various strains. 
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    Dogpatch WineWorks

    Photo by TSO Sonoma
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    This cool industrial winery venue regularly hosts events and dinners with leading luxury cannabis brands. You can totally take over the space at Dogpatch WineWorks and plan your own gathering, or you can keep an eye on their calendar to see what they’ve got in the books that might be worth checking out. 

    Event by TSO Sonoma
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    Brass Heart
    Chicago, Illinois

    Photo by Tom Gavin
    Uptown Chicago’s fine dining outpost with Michelin-starred chef Matt Kerney at the helm, Brass Heart offers a space that’s as sophisticated as its menu. Events here can accommodate up to 22 guests with a 15-course dining menu. Cocktail & Spirits Director, Sarah Traynor, has been known to drop CBD into a cocktail or two on 4/20, so there’s a possibility you might be able to score the same treatment if you plan in advance for a private gathering.
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    Naked Kitchen

    Photo by Naked Kitchen
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    San Francisco’s Naked Kitchen recently hosted a fine dining cannabis experience with Hanu Labs. If you’re considering planning a weed centric private event, this team can easily talk you through some brilliant ideas.
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    Señor Bear
    Denver, Colorado

    Photo by Justin Aikin
    It’s all things tacos, ceviche, crudo and (optional) cannabis cocktails at Denver’s Señor Bear. This Latin LoHi dining spot offers lots of private spaces for those hosting an occasion, and the cocktail menu high-light is the drink called Don’t Die Alone - a concoction of rum, almond, amaro, sweet vermouth and local CBD.
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    Magnolia Oakland
    Oakland, California

    Photo by Christin Hume
    This Oakland dispensary has been working the medical marijuana scene since 2009 and always has something rad on the calendar, including Friday night movie sessions and free massage days. If you’re looking for a weed-friendly place to host your own pop-up or workshop, there’s space for that too.
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    The Caves
    Negril, Jamaica

    Photo by The Caves
    Retreats at The Caves in Jamaica can easily be made into cannabis events. Denver-based chef Scott Durrah has hosted cannabis cooking retreats at the vibrant coastal getaway in the past.

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