15 Bucket List Worthy Experiences That Won’t Break the Bank
We’re real big on #bucketlistgoals around here and we know you are too. If budget’s got you down, we’re here with some epic trips you can take for minimal cost with some free adventures thrown in too. From floating...
We’re real big on #bucketlistgoals around here and we know you are too. If budget’s got you down, we’re here with some epic trips you can take for minimal cost with some free adventures thrown in too. From floating in sparkling pink lakes in Mexico to dangling off the edge of a mountain in Peru to riding hot air balloons over an ancient Turkish town, there’s a little something for everyone to lay eyes on in this lifetime.
Reporter: Alyssa Brown | Location: Cappadocia, Turkey
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Ride Hot Air Balloons Over Cappadocia
Cappadocia, Turkey

Fly high above the historic town of Cappadocia for an experience of a lifetime. For under $200 a person, you can spend the whole day floating over the bucket list worthy scenery.
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Check Out the Patagonian Rainforests

A hotel nestled in the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest of the Andes Mountain range, Nothofagus at Huilo Huilo costs just about $265/night for an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. This hotel in the treetops boasts epic views, a cozy spa and amazing access to the biological reserve. Read more about this spot →
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Float Around Iceland’s Famed Blue Lagoon

The $60 entry fee to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is worth every ounce of the geothermal waters you’ll be soaking in. A float around this famous lagoon is a bucket list must that you won’t soon forget.
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Sleep Under the Stars at this Bubble Hotel
Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Photo by Campera Hotel
Hotel Campera is located in the Baja region of Mexico – an area that’s known for incredible wineries, foodie farms and a lot of wide, open space. Stay in a geodome in the vineyards for a night for about $200 and gaze at 5 billion bucket list-worthy stars while sipping on the best of local wines. Read more about this spot →
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Stay in a Hawaiian Treehouse

Photo by Julie Harmen
This adorable getaway on Hawaii’s Big Island is working to save trees in Papau New Guinea while offering the best treehouse stay on the islands. Little House on Big Island only costs about $300 a night and is a tropical bucket list dream come true.
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Visit Ancient Salt Mines in Peru
Maras, Peru

A Peruvian town filled with salt mines, Maras is known to the locals as a sacred valley. Hike the canyon, wander the Moray Inca ruins and explore the salt evaporation ponds and gorgeous surrounds, while crossing epic and free experience in Peru off the bucket list.
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Explore Mexico’s Gorgeous Pink Lakes
Las Coloradas, Mexico

Pink waters are a sight to behold, and quite bucket list worthy if we may say so. Located on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Las Coloradas is part of a biosphere that’s home to pink flamingos, saltwater crocs, sea turtles, jaguars and lots of other animal life. Why so pink? The lakes are part of a salt producing facility and the organisms that thrive in this salty water pocket are red algae, plankton and brine shrimp that add color to the water as it evaporates.
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Immerse Yourself in the Jungles of Bali
Bali, Indonesia

This bamboo bungalow in Bali is only $122 a night to stay in, and it’s surrounded by lush rainforest. If your bucket list is about forest bathing, Lightroom Hideout should be your spot.
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Walk Along the Top of a Waterfall in Oaxaca
Oaxaca, Mexico

Located in Oaxaca, Hierve El Agua is a mountain of illusion you should be adding to your bucket list pronto. The solid waterfall is a petrified mountain of mineral deposits that create a stunning natural façade you can actually walk across if you’re so brave.
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Snooze While Hanging off the Side of a Mountain in Peru

Photo by Natura Vive
A collection of three clear-span structures dangling off the side of a mountain in Peru’s Sacred Valley, Natura Vive is for the thrill seeker’s bucket list. A night in one of these bad boys will set you back about $400, but that’s a small price to pay for an adventure you’ll be talking about for the rest of your days. Read more about this spot →
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Have a Farm Fresh Dinner at the Top of a Mountain
Around The World

Outstanding in the Field is like a restaurant on the road that sets up shop only in the most epic locations they can find. Think open hills in Burgundy, mountain tops of Colorado, fields of wildflowers in California. For $245 a person, you should probably add at least one of these dining experiences to your bucket list.
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Hop Aboard the Napa Wine Train
Napa, California

Photo by Wine Train
For about $230, you can hop aboard a train from St. Helena through Napa’s exquisite wine country. This area is truly something to behold, and the luxury train ride through the vineyards includes a 4-course meal and private winery tours.
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Hop in an Outdoor Shower Overlooking the Mountains of Norway

Hiking and biking pros, this bucket list item is for you. Spend a few days exploring Norway’s Soddatjørn Mountains and end up at a collection of minimalist cabins for an unforgettable stay. Peer out at the mountain lake while you shower outside and don’t forget to leave a small donation for your clean room when you leave.
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Have Dinner in the Sky Over London
London, England

If floating in the clouds above a major metropolis while dining on fabulous cuisine is on your bucket list, you’re in luck. For $75-200 a person during July, you can dine at a table for 22 while hanging from a crane 100-feet off the ground in London’s center.
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Take an Impulsive, Last-Minute Flight Overseas
Around The World

Photo by Chris Sumida
If any of these bucket list ideas resonates with you, hop on over to Skyscanner for a quick peruse through last-minute getaway deals. It’s always worth having at least one bag packed just in case something amazing comes along. What’s more bucket list worthy than a totally impromptu trip across the world, anyway?

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