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This Waterfall Illusion Will Change the Way You Celebrate Your Birthday

Imagine looking at a frozen waterfall cascading over a mountain ledge; a white icy hue enveloping the mountain side. After taking in the sublime, you find out that you are not looking at a waterfall at all. You are looking at Heirve El Agua, a mountain of illusion. 

This petrified mountain is the product of thousands of years of spring water rushing over the mountain side. What is left is the mineral deposits creating this natural facade. Time to cross this monumental mountain off your #BirthdayBucketList.

Photography: Cosmos Companions


These Fresh Water Pools Have Healing Powers

On the ledges of Heirve El Agua are two fresh water pools said to possess healing and medicinal power. The pools have been described as nature's infinity pools - and rightfully so. Soak in the sacred water and admire the plunging landscape of the mountains with an extra year of wisdom behind you.


Photography: Cosmos Companions


How the Illusion Was Born 

2,000 years ago, the Zapotec people directed spring water canals to irrigate their crops. Over time, the water petrified the mountain turning the rocks into an above-ground stalactite. The trickling of the two fresh water pools also contribute to this icy waterfall illusion. 


Cheers to Your Birthday

Soaking in healing water and gazing at a mountain in disguise is not all there is to this region. End your trip with a visit to the Zapotecan ruins. Better yet, cheers to your birthday with a shot at the Mezcal tasting room!


Photography: Victoria Dim


Travel Like a Local

Quick heads up while you are chasing waterfalls: Call ahead to make sure the mountain and springs are open for your birthday glory. Make Oaxaca your home base when traveling to and from this geological site. The town is known for its hospitality, artisans, markets and indigenous traditions. 


Photography: A Weekend Crossing



Photography: Cosmos Companions Cosmos Companions Victoria Dim A Weekend Crossing


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